Tinsley Mortimer’s High Society Australian Premiere

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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture


High Society unclips the velvet rope to reveal the outrageous parties, black tie affairs and fashion exclusives that is everyday life for Manhattan socialite and fashionista Tinsley Mortimer. Having just ended her high profile marriage with Topper Mortimer, Tinsley\’s life is turned upside down and the gossip magazines are intent on airing all her dirty laundry, but that doesn\’t stop her from living it up in the city that never sleeps. As the divorce of the year unfolds, America\’s most sought after bachelorette will move out, start dating, split friends and assets. Even when Tinsley is looking flawless in a designer wardrobe she is also worried about losing her money and prestigious Mortimer name.

Throughout the eight-part series Tinsley and her friends introduce us to an authentic New York lifestyle only dreamed about, often scandalous, and never before seen from the inside as they attend the most exclusive events, spend time with celebrity friends and build wealthy empires.

Episode 1:

High Society. Boy, this title is almost a misnomer because these rich kids sure aren\’t behaving in the proper manner for heiresses, and heirs to large fortunes. Surely they know manners don\’t cost a thing?

But this is such car crash, junk food (bad for you) reality television – it\’s the Hills and Laguna Beach thrown in with a bit of Jerry Springer television you won\’t be able to turn away from.

It centres around ‘Park Avenue Princess\’ Tinsley Mortimer (also notably a producer on the show) and her emergence back into New York society after an infamous divorce from her husband Topper (lordy, the names!). Along with Tinsley, you have her more than overbearing society Mother Dale who is the most intrusive mother EVER. (I capitalised mother for a reason – once you see it, you\’ll know why)

Alongside friends, frenemies and pure enemies – it features her sister Dabney, who is living with Jules Kirby in a hotel temporarily until they both get their own stable living situation. Let me tell you Jules is almost the epitome of Courtney Love when on drugs (they bear a strong resemblance) but she is the most foul-mouthed, rude poor little rich girl you\’d ever see. The scenes in which she is yelling and swearing at hotel staff where she lives, throwing phones across the room; WOW. Paul Johnson Calderon is also a notable cast member, and he and Jules certainly do not get along well. There\’s tantrums, glasses of whiskey thrown across a bar (MY EYE, MY EYE!) and ‘PJC\’ asking his mother on a rare visit if he can have $50,000. As casual as can be.

It is just.. I don\’t know if I should be wondering if this is true ‘reality\’ or embellished reality. Even if it was only slightly exaggerated, the snobbiness of each of the cast, and extremely lavish lifestyles is nothing short of incredible. If that\’s how the other half lives.. no thanks! The ridiculousness of the show means of course, I have to tune in to see what crazy antics they get up to. I can honestly see a hair-pulling fisticuffs cat fight at some stage. How could I resist?

Premiering this week on Lifestyle YOU, it will screen Wednesdays at 9.30pm on LifeStyle You.

Miss Pop Couture

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