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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it\’s time for women to see themselves as gorgeous the way they are. Forget the unattainable bodies in the media, the only beauty women should be measuring themselves against is their own. Applying these principles, How to Look Good Naked Canada host, Zain Meghji and a team of fashion and lifestyle experts are on a mission to restore body confidence in women everywhere. No surgery required!

Based on the highly acclaimed British series, Zain works with one woman each week who can\’t face herself in the mirror. It\’s easy to be a critic, but now it\’s time to learn to be a fan. By exposing his gorgeous girls to the eyes of others, Zain and his team will help these women to bring their inner beauty to the outside. Dressing in the right clothes, learning to flaunt the best assets and to love what they have is the best way to change their life.

Episode 1:

How to Look Good Naked is a concept we’d all like to conquer – a feeling as universal as wondering just what the perfect pair of jeans will be like, or which mascara really curls my lashes naturally. That’s why in the UK, Gok showed the Brits how to do it, in America, it was fabulous Carson Kressley and now in Canada, we have Zain Meghji. You’re not expected to know his name – but that doesn’t matter.

The difference with this type of reality show is that its not hard to relate to the women, for they have insecurities about their bodies for different reasons, but reasons we can all understand. And generally, for the most part – its all in their minds. Or they embellish the ‘problems’ they have, and thus avoid showing off anything else that may be highlighted, and flaunted – thus proving the ‘if you look good, you feel good’ truth.

With the first couple of episodes here, you have two very different women. Jillian is just ‘comfortable’ in her baggy clothes, being a single mother for 15 years, and doesn’t think she can be a knockout with a rounded belly. She’s just comfortable in hiding her stomach, and hips. Yet, in the second episode, we meet Jennifer who is far more resistant to Zain’s help and accepts any sort of compliment begrudgingly, not believing that she could have any sort of appeal, or value, hiding herself really, hoping she won’t get noticed – though its a bit tough when she’s an up and coming singer. By watching only two episodes, I can honestly say Zain is more of an endearing host than his international counterparts. Where Gok and Carson are immediately flamboyant, and comforting and put anyone at ease, Zain is a bit softer in his approach and you can see he genuinely sees the beauty in each of the women, and immediately just want to find clothes that will show off their figures, and let them come out of their shells.

Facing yourself in a mirror for any length of time is not easy – especially if you linger, looking at your ‘worst’ features, and wishing them away. It must be especially confronting for these women, doing it in front of a stranger, and a camera – forced to face your biggest fears, and feeling that exposed. It can be the hardest thing to walk out of the house, when you have an insecurity, and you start imagining that everyone is looking at your worst features, as opposed to noticing your best. The show is empowering and inspiring in the best way it should be – by relating to these women, it does make you think about the *why’s* of what makes you not try wearing tailored skirts, or why you wear baggy ill-fitting clothes. It challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and just be free to try new things without caving to your worst fears about not looking like a runway model on an every day basis.

Definitely worth watching – its feel good TV in the best kind of way strewn with some lessons on the best cut of jean for your booty, the best heels for a shortie (like moi) and how to flaunt YOUR figure – not the model on the cover of that magazine on your coffee table.

Screening weekdays at 5.30pm on LifeStyle You.

Miss Pop Couture

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