Episode 9: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

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Sarah gives the girls a house-call and tells our Top 4 they are off to Tokyo! This is a fantastic opportunity for them to immerse themselves in a different culture, society and country. It’s a first overseas trip for Kelsey, and Amanda enlightens us with her “judgmental Japanese.”

The girls land and come face to face with Nihongo paparazzo – what a trip!!! You’d think they would be used to getting their pic taken, but this experience must be very surreal.

First up, a zen-style photoshoot in a traditional Japanese garden – hard day at the office hey? Well, it’s made all the more difficult with a photographer who doesn’t speak any English – it’s difficult enough to try and gain a rapport with a photographer on a local job, let alone 1000 miles away and in a language you don’t understand – my hat is tipped to the girls for taking it all in their stride.

Kelsey was first up with a height-defying hairstyle blooming with blossoms- I thought she looked fab!

Sophie’s turn was futuristic to say the least- “Look into the future?” I think the photographer meant “Look straight ahead!” Haha, how one word can totally transform a shoot.

And Jess – how do you say “Lighten up!” in Japanese? That would have been handy…

Amanda went all Geisha Girl and pulled out a great shot, even though she was wilting in the heat.

Next up was Krazy Kawaii TV- and to describe it as ‘kooky\’ doesn’t even cut it…A break down of this odd challenge for those who missed it:

  • Jess – Schoolgirl
  • Amanda – Japanese Gal (?) yeah, me too
  • Kelsey – Lolita; disturbing and hilarious all at the same time
  • Sophie – Fairy Fashion.

Poor Jess, tall is an asset in modelling, except when your assistant can’t reach your ears to tell you what to do! Kelsey had the most ridiculous (substitute for “avant garde” if that’s your bag) outfit- glad they went with the bunny ears, really added a classy element to the freak show.

Amanda – ghetto fabulous! Now she has a skirt to match that leopard print top she lives in.

Sophie – WTF- perhaps the two-finger pose in front of your mouth means something else in the East- it gets lost in translation Down Under however!

Amanda wins the bizarre challenge and walks away with a lovely bonnet for the races next year.

Next up Super-Kawaii Jez takes the girls through their paces in an urban night shoot in the middle of Tokyo – incredible locations, styling and photography culminate in one of the best shoots I have seen the girls do so far – all of them are coming into their own and learning to use the skills we have all given them to their best advantage – if I was a teacher ALL four would get top marks for their grasp of this process.

I think viewers forget that this is all still relatively new to most of these girls and to be able to deliver the shots you see every week with very little time or assistance is a massive credit to these girls as models.

Amanda in particular is learning that this is now all prep for her career as a model. I know it will be- for all of them.

The fairytale has to come to an end and the girls are shipped back to Oz and confronted by the Judges and Doll from Elite in New York.
I totally agree with Jez’s comments on Amanda- she gets better and better every shoot- same with the exquisitely and genetically gifted Sophie – is anyone jealous of her yet?

The usual tension ensues and we sadly say “Sayonara” to the beautiful Jessica – she is a dream to work with and a very switched on girl. This won’t be the last we see of her, I’m sure of it.

Down to the final three and I cannot begin to think of how to eliminate another girl- next week is choc-full of drama and a little bittersweet for me.

Don\’t forget, Australia\’s Next Top Model can be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday and you can recap about me here.

Images courtesy of Fox 8 / Cam Hammond

See you next week!

Josh xx.

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