Frock Me With Alexa Chung Australian Premiere

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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture


“IT” girl Alexa Chung hits our screens with Frock Me With Alexa Chung, a celebration of all things fashion and music. Presented alongside top designer Henry Holland, the series shares top tips and advice on how to wear the clothes you already own and hot new trends from military and prints to a romance and festival’.

Each episode will look at an inspiring fashion theme from the catwalk, to the celebs and how to replicate it on the street. Along with the latest fashion news, Alexa goes behind the scenes of the fashion and music world to interview stylish celebrities and fashion icons including Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen, singer Lily Allen, and The City\’s Olivia Palermo.

Frock Me also features live band performances from Sophie Ellis Bextor, Gabriella Cilmi and Marina and the Diamonds.

Episode 1:

This new show takes British style icon Alexa Chung and designer Henry Holland around the world, through different cities tackling different looks in each episode in relation to fashion and music, discussing how its linked throughout history.

The first episode salutes military. Just when I begin screwing up my noise; they discuss this recurring theme of pop/rock military looks in music – think the Beatles through to Adam Ant, through to Michael & Janet Jackson and Top Gun inspired – All Saints worked the khaki look, as well as Destiny\’s Child singing about being survivors, all the way through to Coldplay with their military look in Viva La Vida. Whoa. Okay, I think I was just converted..

There\’s also a musical guest in each episode – and they answer fashionable questions about inspiration, and shameful wardrobe pieces – with a performance at the end of each show.

The next episode is super cool, discussing underwear as outerwear, and we know currently Lady Gaga is the spokesperson for that look, and sometimes Britney Spears; in an accidental sense. Another fun aspect of each aspect is that they pull random people from the street to ‘frock off’ – depending on the theme for each episode, they have to buy, borrow, and ‘blag’ an outfit under $100 to fit the theme. I had to honestly google the term ‘blag’ – but apparently its to persuade or deceive in order to get something for free. Ohhh. A step above haggling then!

Alexa Chung.. is just stunning. Aside from magazines dissecting her ever look, I don’t know too much about her. But as a presenter, she’s just so energetic, and natural; can’t take your eyes off her. Plus, she has that effortless style about her. I can see why she’s a style icon but she doesn’t even look like she’s trying! Another show I’ll have to keep an eye on. Its a wonder I have time for anything else!

Frock Me with Alexa Chung screens on Thursdays at 9.30pm and Saturdays at 6.30pm on Lifestyle You.

Miss Pop Couture

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