City of Ghosts, Stacia Kane

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Tina Gamble

She was trapped.

Still recovering from her last case, Chess soon finds herself caught in the middle of something bigger than she could ever imagine.

With a new day, comes a new case. Bound to secrecy – a binding laced with magic – one she cannot break, for fear of suffering the consequences, Chess must now manoeuvre her way through a dark and gritty new case. A case, which much to Chess\’s displeasure, comes with a Black Squad agent, who is annoying as she is powerful.

With mangled bodies showing up all over town, this case is starting to hit closer to home, as Chess must use her Downside resources to solve the mystery and – with fingers crossed – make it out alive.

Eagerly anticipating Stacia Kane\’s third novel in The Downside Ghosts series, City of Ghosts, I had high hopes for this novel, and I\’m happy to admit that she did not disappoint.

From page one, Kane sucks you back into Chess\’s world. And right from the get-go it is a non-stop ride; filled with thrilling action, and plenty of dire consequences. Kane has created a world so believable and real that it could be right outside your door.

The characters are – as always – strong, and will ultimately make you fall in love with them, all over again. The tension and chemistry gets taken up a notch, and I must admit, I\’ve never been so enthralled by characters, as completely messed up, as Chess and Terrible.

‘How she felt it she didn\’t know, but she felt it just the same, knew the second she turned around she\’d catch him looking at her.

Sometimes she hated being right.\’

Their relationship is one that has had me hooked from the start. So complex with all their problems, yet so simple at the same time, it really does make for a compelling read. And while we\’re on characters – I have to say – I liked Lex a lot more in this book. Sure he\’s no Terrible and never will be, but I found myself less frustrated with him in this novel – I even found myself glad, when he showed up every so often.

And if there were any faults in the story – I didn\’t notice them. Too caught up in Chess\’s latest adventure, I probably wouldn\’t have even noticed if a plane crash-landed in my backyard. The story is that consuming.

For those who have yet to read this series – do. And for those who have read the series and are already hooked on it, and have been waiting day in and out for this release, than believe me when I say, it was well worth the wait.

In City of Ghosts, Kane has once again, crafted a world that turns our very perceptions upside down. She has opened our eyes and has done the unthinkable – made us fall in love with a hard living world, and characters that would not normally appeal.

This book is a one-stop shop, for any and all, paranormal fans.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$24.99


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