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Benefit Cosmetics once again supplied me with some of their newest product for some of my readers to use and review; Girl Meets Pearl Face Illuminator and boy oh boy, it’s a beauty of a beauty product! (I have some to giveaway too, read the bottom of the post).

The golden-pink luminous liquid pearlessence for our faces can be used on our cheekbones, brow bone or anywhere you want to highlight.  I love this product, you can highlight on spots on the face or use all over (I pat it on), you can use it once your make up has been finished or use it with no make up to give you a lovely natural pearlessence shine!  The only issue for me was working out how to get the product out, it felt like I was winding it up forever and was wondering if it was broken! And I found it best to put onto my hand to pat on from.

But read on to see what my readers thought of the product:

Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture

Ah, I will always remember my first meeting with Girl Meets Pearl. It was a surprise meeting, one I didn\’t expect, but I gasped, and immediately fell in love. Shiny! Pretty! And oh so deliciously scented.

Benefit Cosmetics describe it as liquid pearl for the face. It is just that; so understated and elegant – it is fool proof for someone like me especially that can\’t really work a regular liquid illuminiser without the fear of looking like a disco ball on legs. Nobody wants that.

Also, you know how I love anything that smells like dessert? This is luscious – smelling of raspberry and chamomile. Apart from making you inhale slowly, closing your eyes and bringing on the happy – these ingredients are known for their soothing properties. Not just that; but sweet almond seed firms and smooths, while sesame seed oil moisturises.

So much epic WIN in this metallic purplish pink tube – you twist the bottom a single click for a subtle sheen that you can pat on as a highlighter for cheekbones, or a couple of clicks to wear on its own for a more pearly glow.

I found that it was so sexy to use the tiiiiniest bit just above your cupid\’s bow – if you look at any magazine cover; their lips are sexified (that\’s a word, right?) by a highlighter just above the top lip, in the cupid\’s bow. Girl Meets Pearl is perfect for this. I also used it (again, just a tiny touch) in the tear ducts (corner of my eyes) to wake up my eyes. Works like an absolute charm.

Benefit Cosmetics; I heart you. And with this product; you just make me feel like a pearly glowy blogging princess!

Adeline Er, Through Beauty Eyes

I was really lucky to be one of the very few who got to try this product before it was released in a market. Just like all of the Benefit Cosmetics\’ products, Girl Meets Pearl has a really pretty packaging. This will automatically add a few brownie points as I am a sucker for pretty packaging.Furthermore, Girl Meets Pearl also has a fresh raspberry and chamomile scent for soothing.

Yay for product that smells nice and looks good! What I love most about Girl Meets Pearl is how it instantly brightens up my entire look and gives me that luminous glow with just a tiny bit of product. You wouldn\’t want to apply a generous amount of it unless you are going for that Edward-Cullen-sparkly-look, which honestly, is not as attractive as it seems to be.

The only thing I can complain about this product is the need to keep turning the tube (when you first got it) in order to wind up the product. It takes AGES, I kid you not. However, it doesn\’t take much effort to wind the product up after the first couple of use.

Angie Harrington, An Obsession With The Fabulous

Diamonds may be a girl\’s best friend in the jewellery world, but in the land of beauty pearls are definitely the next big thing.

San Francisco beauty brand Benefit has released a fabulous new illuminator cleverly named Girl Meets Pearl. The liquid pearl formula is a light, bright wonder that works both over or under make-up, or on its own and I, being the lucky girl I am, was asked to review it.

I must admit, I have never been one to go out and buy an illuminating product, as they are often quite pricey, however after giving this little beauty a test run I would not hesitate in buying it again. Here\’s why:

The gorgeous shimmery liquid is a beautiful golden-pink colour that glides over skin with ease, transforming the face from drab to fab in mere seconds. I will say I was slightly worried upon seeing the liquid as I thought it would make my extremely fair skin look as pink as a pig\’s. However, once the formula is absorbed into the skin, the colour fades and a pretty glow is revealed.

The combination of sweet almond and sesame seed oils both smooth and firm the face as well as moisturise the skin at the same time, which for me, is a big plus, especially in the colder months!

The formula contains light reflecting pigments that highlight the best parts of the face. I applied Girl Meets Pearl (GMP) on my cheekbones and brow bones, as I wanted to give the impression that I was a glowing goddess ala Gisele Bundchen. (HA!) While I may not have reached her level of amazing, I can say with complete confidence that my face definitely looked healthier and much more radiant after using GMP.

Not only is the actual GMP product fantastic, the packaging (as I\’ve come to expect from Benefit) is fabulous! The beautiful pink metallic casing is paired with an image of the San Francisco skyline at night, perhaps suggesting the product is best used for a night on the town. So pretty!

Another thing I love about Girl Meets Pearl is the fragrance. The liquid is a divine mix of raspberry and soothing chamomile that for some reason reminds me of something from my childhood, but I just cannot put my finger on what that is. All the more reason to keep using it I say!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to freshen up their look by getting that extra bit of glow. I think Girl Meets Pearl will be perfect for summer, when beautiful dewy faces are practically a pre-requisite and naturally radiant skin isn\’t easily achievable.

I rate this product 8/10. The product loses a couple of points for the price, which at $53, could be a tad too expensive for some people. However, the quality of the product is that good, I would recommend the investment.

Joanne Kanizay

Now, I am a “luminiser” from way back… ( okay I’m over 30 and have been using them for years!) so to say I was excited about receiving Benefits “Girl meets Pearl” by Benefit  was an understatement!!

Benefit products immediately have the “WANT THIS NOW” factor when you glance (or drool) over your cosmetic counter or store and the eye-catching femmine packaging of “Girl meets pearl” was no different.

The Liquid pearl lotion is contained in a tube with a “wind-up” motion and can take a while to “push’ out the product (girlies- this is not one  you can apply in the car!!)  So it is a more time consuming and less controllable than other luminiser I have used which are normally a stick sponge wand, tube or compact form. With this method of dispersion, I found it easy to over wind and therefore disperse more product than necessary, however under my watchful eye a quick “half turn” was sufficient and dispenser became easy to manage.

My skin tone is olive and can sometimes appear sallow, I was was a bit apprehensive that the light dusty pearly liquid would not complement my skin tone *Insert gasp here* I was wrong! ( Boy was I glad about that) the liquid is quite translucent on application so I placed a bit of “Girl Meets Pearl” on the back of my hand and then applied it with my fingers.

The product feels silky and is light fragranced. I gently patted the lotion over my cheek bones (over my blush) and in the arch of my brow.  I love the way it slightly emphasized my cheek bones and “lightened” my face, giving it a fresh glow! With Benefits pearly liquid it’s definitely as case of “less is more” too much of much this product could leave you looking like you grandmas’ gold leaf frames!  So good  and natural lighting is a definite when applying this product

Girl meets Pearl from Benefit was the perfect lift for my make-up. As summer is just around the corner, this product would also be great on shoulders and decolletage for a subtle pearly sheen.

Naomi Cotterill

For the past three weeks, this girl has been having a dalliance; nay I say a full -blown affair, with one ‘Girl Meets Pearl\’, the new illuminating kid on the black from those always quirky, constantly delightful people at Benefit. With the catch cry of ‘liquid pearl for face\’ the product promise is seductive from the get go. Phrases like pearl-essencent radiance, light reflecting pigments, fresh raspberry scent had my head all a spin.

I must admit, I was momentarily concerned that the sweet anticipation might not live up to the reality.  Highlighting products can be a minefield of disappointment. What we want from them is that lit from within glow. A creamy, dreamy product that glides over our imperfections, drawing attention to the tops of our cheekbones and the bow of our lips in a sexy, subtle way that screams “I look like this naturally.” What we don\’t want is a clumpy product that looks like a lighter form of foundation. The highlighter should be a product that promises a subtle gleam without anyone else knowing you\’re wearing it. This rules out anything with a strong, block tone, clumpy texture or god forbid, containing anything remotely glittery.

Luckily, ‘Girl Meets Pearl\’ was everything I wanted in an illuminator and more.  I enjoyed the novel dispensing mechanicism although it did remind me slightly of the glue sticks you used to use while in primary school. You also had to twist for a considerable amount of time to reveal the luscious-ness inside. Stick with it though, cos it\’s worth it!

The pinky toned, luminescent droplets are silky smooth and smell divine. I started out using them straight from the tube but progressed to application with my fingers. I found the best way to achieve a flawless result was to gently pat the product onto the tops of my cheek bones, above my eyebrows and into the cupids bow of my lips. I also mixed a small dollop with a taupe coloured eye shadow to create a glistening, almost liquid product that managed to look completely natural yet flawless on my eye lids.Perfect with glossy black lashes and a little spring sundress.

Benefit has obviously started to move in the direction of ‘treatment cosmetics\’, beauty prodz that contain skincare goodies and ‘Girl Meets Pearl\’ is no exception. I can\’t say I noticed the firming, smoothing or moisturizing properties of the product, but then I wasn\’t looking for a skincare product. They were just an added bonus to a super fab little package.

I definitely feel the affair will continue long after this tube runs out, hopefully my boyfriend will understand that there\’s a new love in my life.

And a big thanks to Benefit, I have THREE GIRL MEETS PEARL STICKS to give away, all you need to do is comment below why you want to meet Pearl yourself! Check the T&C’s below.

Available now with an RRP$53, for your nearest stockist call (02) 8353 5000.

Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

** Australian residents only, you need to be registered for Sassi Confidential and please comment below by telling me why you want to meet Pearl. Winners announced in next week. Good luck.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I still recommend it after using it all this time … I live in a humid city and it really helps keep the make up on.

  2. Latasha Smith says:

    I have just started using the Benefit Line and would love to try this product. J am not a makeup wearer but I would a product that could enhance my natural skin as well as making me amazing. I have read many reviews on this product and again am anxious to get my hands on a tube. Thank you in advance.

  3. Sassi Sam says:

    This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Maria, Bryony and Tegan … you will be contacted via email for your details to receive your Girl Meets Pearl.
    Thanks for entering everyone.

  4. Lisa Nowak says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of Benefit’s products. They are well made and extremely long lasting.

  5. Isa says:

    Hi Pearl,

    I’d love to meet you up here in the arctic North….something about you reminds me of the Jazz Age, cocktails, glamorous nightclubs and hot music. Daisy in The Great Gatsby would have wanted to meet you too!


  6. Yooji says:

    I wanna meet pearl so bad~ Wanna have gorgeous glow on my face 🙂 I wanna try you with my pearl necklace. pearl pearly pearl aren’t you elegant! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. MT says:

    Dear pearl,

    How are you? Just wanted to write to you to tell you that i am your biggest fan. You are so bright and talented, you make everyone smile, you know that? You radiance is inspiring and i really think that’s why everyone loves you. Ive been a fan for quite some some and i would really like to meet you. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired and changed the life of one little lady forever. Keep up your great work. After all, the world IS your oyster. 😛

    Love from your # 1 fan,


  8. Jenny says:

    You know you\’d love to, no, need to meet Pearl when:

    a.) Your skin is constantly sallow and your boss never questions when you call in ‘sick\’.

    b.) Your understanding of ‘highlighter\’ only relates to fluoro-coloured textas.

    c.) Your Cheek forecast changes from dull and boring weather&to a tacky glittery hail-storm.

    d.) You\’re auditioning for the new movie: Austin Powers in Pearlmember.

    e.) All of the above.

  9. Melissa says:

    Girl meets winter… looks dull, flaky and sad.
    Girl meets pearl… lights up and leaves with a spring in her step!

  10. Ron says:

    If i met Pearl id ask her what she’d do when she gets to the “pearly gates” 😛

  11. Lina says:

    I want to meet pearl so i can ask her if she has ever considered contacting Twinings about renaming one of their most famous blends to “Pearl Grey” in her honour! 😀

  12. Bryony says:

    Pearl light, Pearl bright,
    First Pearl I’ve loved on sight,
    I wish I shall… illuminight,
    Being graced with such delight.


  13. Maria says:

    I would like to meet pearl because she’s got friends in high…or should we say…deep places. Pearl is good friends with Mr. Clam. He’s kind of…tight-lipped, you could say.
    *im not sure if this went through teh first time because my comment didnt pop up, so just posting it incase you didnt get it the first time ! 😛 *

    Pearl is loved by all the ocean, the seahorses give her lifts everywhere and even the sharks think she’s pretty good looking. Pearl is in demand too, sociable little thing she is. Chanel wants her. Audrey Hepburn had her. Tiffany’s doesnt mind her and so many try to imitate her style. Now Benefit’s her new BFF. I guess you could say she’s rare, flirty and classic. She’s a radiant one and i want to meet her over BubbleCup so i can find out what she thinks about them putting “pearls” in their drinks!

  14. Jennise says:

    I want to meet Girl Meets Pearl so I can light up the Brisvegas nightlife. I’ll be waiting for you on the Storey Bridge!

  15. Sam says:

    I want to meet pearl so I look radiant! I want to be healthy and glow and Girl Meets Pearl sounds like just the product to help me do so when I’m a bit run down or in need of a facial pick me up!

  16. Elly says:

    Benefit keeps coming up with beauty products that are so amazing and oh so unique! I can\’t wait to be transformed into a goddess or a Hollywood starlet just by a little tab here and a sprinkle over there.

  17. Tegan says:

    dear pearl, you sound like an awesome girl! i am hoping that one day we could meet, would you like to catch up, you would brighten me from my head to my feet! xx

  18. Anita says:

    Pearl sounds absolutely delicious, i’d imagine we’d go out on the town for cocktails one night!

    She’d bring the brightness to anyones face after a dull winter 🙂

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