I Love Me, Bev Aisbett

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Tina Gamble

For those of you out there that sometimes feel lonely, hurt, anxious or even depressed, Bev Aisbett has created a short guide that shows readers that there is always someone to turn to when things get tough, and that person is you.

I Love Me by Bev Aisbett is a useful guide, which illustrates the differences between self-love and selfishness or self-absorption. Bev lets us know it\’s okay to love yourself; in fact it is even encouraged. This book is about tough love and rising above negativity, as you accept, learn and move forward from past experiences and doubts.

It includes some brief descriptions about the origins of where some ideas, beliefs and perceptions may have come from and how to understand them, work through them and ultimately overcome them.

“I am not what happened to me – I am what I choose to become.”

In a world full of insecurity, where lots of people spend their days comparing themselves to others, and finding they don\’t match up, it can be hard to see our true selves and even harder to accept them. A lot of the time we expect others to fix us, or we push people away because we don\’t feel worthy.

Aisbett\’s guide opens your eyes, and hands you a mirror. It is not an overnight fix, but perhaps more of a beginning. There are drawings and examples, which help to keep this book light-hearted and user friendly. So if you\’re ever in doubt or feeling a little lost, give this a go, and who knows, tomorrow may bring about a more confident, positive and happy you.

Good Luck.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$19.99


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