The Truth About You, Melissa Hill

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Kristy McCormick

A newborn baby is left abandoned in a cardboard box on the doorstep of a cafe. Ella, the cafe\’s owner, assumes it is her doughnut order until she opens the box and peers inside. And so begins the latest novel from bestselling author, Melissa Hill.

The Truth about You is a compelling novel about three central female characters, with the story ultimately leading to the discovery of the abandoned baby\’s identity.

Nina is newly single. With a heart-breaking breakup behind her, she returns to the small Irish town of Lakeview to stay with her father, Patrick. Her parents separated when she was young, and she has never had the best relationship with her dad, but at the moment some time in Lakeview is just what she needs.

Jess lives in Dublin. Happily married and with a successful and exciting career, she feels left out amongst her friends. With all her friends having babies and moving to the country she wonders if that isn\’t what she should be doing too. If only she could convince her husband that it\’s a good idea.

Ruth is a Hollywood starlet. Returning to her hometown in Ireland for a break, her star is on the rise and she should be on top of the world. But a misjudged fling with a co-star has led to some unexpected consequences – including the unwanted attention of the world\’s media.

These three different women connect in Lakeview and find that they have one big thing in common. And while Jess begins to realise that maybe her happily married and baby producing friends aren\’t quite as perfect as she once thought, Ruth attempts to lay low and wait out the media storm surrounding her. And Nina attempts to get to know her difficult father – rigid and routine, he offers no sympathy or emotion to his daughter despite her circumstances.

As the novel progresses, the mystery of the abandoned baby deepens and just when you think you may have it figured out the story takes an unexpected twist and then, very quickly, the mystery is solved and all the pieces fitted together.

The three main characters are immensely likeable, probably because they are all real in some way – confused, heartbroken, and just a little neurotic. Their individual stories are explained in piecemeal fashion throughout the book – and that\’s what keeps you going, reading ‘just one more page\’ until you figure out what\’s really going on with them. The book is described as the kind of book you can\’t put down – and it is, I read it almost in one sitting, but it\’s also because it\’s a nice, lightweight read (with an enthralling enough story to keep you interested).

I\’d definitely recommend this one to lovers of good chick-lit. Perfect for a rainy afternoon on the couch.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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