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Laser by Sia

You may have noticed something happening around town these past few weeks. A glimpse of stocking free leg here, a hint of coat free cleavage there. Spring is definitely in the air and with it comes reminders that skin will soon be emancipated from the layers of winter warmth. A scary thought for those of us who have delegated hair removal to the bottom of the essential grooming pile! Fear not though, permanent hair removal solutions are a reality at one of Sydney\’s most reputable laser clinics, Laser by Sia, located in the CBD and Bondi Junction.

Much has been written about laser hair removal in the past 18 months, especially with the plethora of clinics popping up all over town. With the explosion of clinics come the usual horror stories, usually resulting from untrained staff or unregulated equipment. If carried out correctly however, Laser hair removal can be the answer to weekly shaving or monthly waxing sessions.

So how does it work? Without getting all science-y, laser hair removal works by using Photothermolysis, a really big word that basically means using the energy generated from light to heat the hair follicle to a point where it can no longer sustain hair growth, effectively eliminating the hair before it starts to grow, as opposed to ripping it out once it peeks through the skin.

Treatments are quick (a bikini treatment takes as little as 5 minutes) and hair almost anywhere can be removed, with your therapist advising on the number of sessions that will be required. Pain wise, it\’s no worse than waxing, with most likening it to the feeling of having a rubber band ‘flicked\’ over your skin repeatedly. You may find your skin a touch on the red side afterwards but this usually subsides within hours of treatment. Apart from the obvious hair free amazing-ness, ingrown hairs are also eliminated, leaving you smooth and scab free!

Sound too good to be true? Sometimes it can be. The laser works by recognising the hair from the skin, which means the fair skinned and fair haired amongst us are usually unable to be treated. There are a number of different lasers in use (IPL, Candela) and incorrect usage by an unqualified therapist can result in superficial burns and scarring while less than reputable establishments will sometimes neglect to inform you of the number of expected treatments, resulting in a rather large financial commitment, based on the premise that ‘one more treatment will leave you hair free for life.” It\’s also important to note that even the most credible of clinics cannot promise a lifetime of hair free living. You\’ll usually require between one and three ‘maintenance\’ appointments per year to ensure that the hair doesn\’t grow back.

To avoid an unpleasant experience, choosing the right clinic is crazy important! The best clinics will insist on the highest standards and only employ professionally trained staff and use registered equipment. Laser by Sia, leader in the laser field, pride themselves on their reputation, gained from many years of satisfied customers. Using the very latest technology, specifically the Candela Alexandrite laser, the most efficient laser on the market for quick, effective hair removal in the shortest period of time, Laser by Sia offer the most cost effective procedures in Australia, making laser hair removal accessible for almost everyone.

Laser by Sia also offer a free consultation with their trained medical staff and will always provide a summary of what can realistically be achieved by the treatment, allowing you to weigh up the pro\’s and possible con\’s before committing.

To book your free consultation, visit Laser By Sia’s website: or call their CBD Office: (02) 9232 0626 or the Bondi Junction office: (02) 8323 7510.

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