Half the Sky, How to Change the World, Nicholas D Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn

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Jody Fenton, Boutique Money

Half the Sky starts with a variety of stories learnt mainly from on the road journalists Kristof & Wudunn from some of the most war torn countries. These stories provide a quick education on what it is like for women and girls in countries where being female is a detriment.

Where your husband or mother-in-law will bash you because of your bad housework, you won\’t be given immunisations or medical care because you are female and where your husband has the right to beat you simply because he is your husband. Kristoff & Wudunn shed much needed light on third world countries where women really need a stronger global voice to help them be heard and to gain much needed attention to the terrible conditions they endure.

The individual stories are inspiring and uplifting. The ordeals faced by some of the women and how they emerge from this to bring about change to their community and country is truly inspiring.

Sadly the book then becomes very political and gets tedious in the quantity of statistics, many outdated before the book was published. Kristoff & Wudunn are very clearly trying to gain global attention for the women who face these conditions everyday but the US centric view left me a little nonplussed by the end.

I would have been more inspired to get involved, which they openly ask at the end of the book if other countries aid work had been included and less of a US political leaning. I am already involved with some of the organisations mentioned and the book hasn\’t spurred me to take a greater role at this point which is sad as many people who aren\’t yet involved may never take up the opportunity after reading this book.

Books with a more biographical role and further exploration of some of these inspiring women would have raised the same awareness and possibly provided a greater desire in the reader to get involved with these organisations.

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