The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin

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Jody Fenton, Boutique Money

Gretchen is a happily married woman with two young daughters, living in New York. Well Gretchen\’s pretty sure she\’s happy but something doesn\’t quite feel right. What if she isn\’t happy, how do you know if you\’re truly happy if your own happiness is not something you ever focus on.

So Gretchen decides to get rid of New Years resolutions she hardly keeps to embark on a year of working towards her own happiness. The Happiness Project is the trials and tribulations of Gretchen\’s 12 month project. Gretchen happily steps us through the process that she takes each month, focusing on a different area of her life, marriage, kids, work, health and fun are just some of the important categories in her life that she wants to tackle to make sure she is truly happy.

As someone who can relate to Gretchen\’s predicament, I\’m very happy with my life, my husband and my work but sometimes I am restless.  Roughly I\’ve worked out this restlessness comes around every 4 years. Some big changes at this 4 year mark have included changing jobs, moving house and moving country. Sometimes its been less obvious things like learning a new language or experimenting with a new type of cooking.

This continual need for us to grow and develop as people is what contributes to my happiness and as Gretchen explores her own happiness she also explores personal growth in all aspects small or large. One of her more interesting experiments is the Week of Extreme Nice, an impressive task in anyones books especially with two small children in tow.

Gretchen firmly believes that when the student is ready the teacher appears and I\’ll say that this book found me at an appropriate time and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gretchen\’s story.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$35.00


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