The Island, Elin Hilderbrand

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Kristy McCormick

Even paradise has its secrets

This little tidbit on the front cover of this book led me to believe that there would be more mystery to this book. But no. There was nothing too earth shattering to be discovered when a group of four women decide to spend a month on an isolated island off the coast of Nantucket.

The Island is Elin Hilderbrand\’s ninth novel, and don\’t get me wrong – I enjoyed it. It was a pleasant, interesting and kind of familiar read. It is the story of four women – Chess and Tate are sisters, although not exactly close; Birdie is their mother and the fourth is India, Birdie\’s sister and aunt to the other two.

When a getaway to Tuckernuck Island is planned for Birdie and Chess as a chance to take some time out before the younger woman\’s wedding, things don\’t quite go as planned. When circumstances are dramatically altered, the getaway becomes a month long retreat for the four women, whose lives are all changed for the better by the time they all go home.

Birdie, whose marriage to Gavin – the girls\’ father – has recently ended, has time to reflect on her life. She ponders what she may have done differently, and whether her marriage may be worth saving. She also tries to figure out her girls and whether they will ultimately be happy.

Chess is running away – she has hurt someone she loved, and then when tragedy strikes she lacks the will to even attempt to move on. The month on this island with no TV, no phone, no computer, not even hot water will give her the space she needs to grieve and try to regain a direction in her life.

Tate is just Tate – an in-demand computer genius who lives life her way, but deep down is craving what they all want. She travels to Tuckernuck Island with the others seemingly on a whim, but perhaps what she always wanted is waiting right there for her.

And India is the aunt brought along to support Birdie in helping Chess. India, whose husband committed suicide years ago, who then committed herself to work and who finally has the chance at lasting happiness if she is brave enough to give it a go.

And so these four women laugh, cry, argue and comfort each other for a month. A month in which they learn a lot about each other, but ultimately learn a lot about themselves. It is a good girlie story with plenty of angst and a little bit of intrigue and, at the end of the day, a satisfyingly happy ending.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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