Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella

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Jody Fenton, Boutique Money

The latest in the shopaholic series reunites us with Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood), husband Luke and two year old daughter Minnie.

Temporarily living with her parents, Becky and family are looking to find the perfect house to move into but nothing is going smoothly. It never does. Becky is once again working as a personal shopper but her love of shopping is having an impact on her family, especially two year old Minnie. With a headstrong daughter, secrets from her husband and trying to keep the home front moving alone, life for Becky is once again strained.

Becky once again finds herself in some difficult predicaments, worst of all the global financial crisis which leaves her and her workplace in a tight spot with clients no longer able to afford personal shoppers. Becky comes up with a plan to get business moving along and starts visualizing how pleased her boss will be once he sees how well her department is now going when the rest of retail is suffering during the downturn. In usual Becky style, the reality is not the same as her fantasy but you will enjoy reading how she gets herself out of this latest predicament.

On the home front Becky desperately wants another baby but Luke is reluctant. Becky is convinced this is because everyone keeps telling her Minnie is spoiled and she just won\’t believe Minnie is anything but an angel. Disregarding the four Santa\’s grottoes Minnie has been kicked out of for bad behaviour.

Becky then decides the perfect gift to cheer up Luke during this crisis is to throw a big surprise party for his upcoming birthday. While her family and friends try to convince her that this isn\’t the wisest path when the Bank of London is collapsing, Becky is determined to find a way to throw the party of his dreams. In comes her sister Jess with the idea of bartering. Becky embarks on bartering for the party needs along with visiting the local pound shop with not quite the result she hopes. Turns out people will tell you anything for a Marc Jacobs bag or two. After reading through her latest fiasco\’s while trying to convince her nearest and dearest she can do this on her own all while keeping the surprise party a surprise from Luke.

Regular readers will enjoy reading Becky\’s latest escapades and the often ingenious ways she finds to get herself out of a tight spot. Although the constant fiascos can be a bit draining, they also provide a good laugh in spots and the odd moment of tenderness to make this a good weekend read.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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