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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture

New TV Show The Spin Crowd premiered in Australia last Tuesday on the E! The Spin Crowd is a reality television show about Command PR, a New York City public relations firm, run by Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck.

Real-life Office Comedy Abounds When Mismatched PR Partners Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck Invite Viewers Into Their “Hype-r” World And Seek to Conquer Hollywood … One Celebrity at a Time

Executive Producer and star of the show, Jonathan Cheban, is also a close friend of Kim Kardashian and we were lucky enough to interview him last week via telephone!  So excited to say the least …

Over to Kimberley:

When Sassi Sam presented me with the opportunity to interview Jonathan Cheban, star of new E! Channel show ‘the Spin Crowd\’ – how could I resist? You\’ve all seen him on a handful of Keeping Up with the Kardashians\’ episodes, and in paparazzi pics including Lauren Conrad, Stephanie Pratt or Kelly Osbourne to name a few famous friends.

I wanted to get the inside dish on working on the inside of the Hollywood scene, in PR, now on TV and being a new celebrity on the scene. Though the charm of the Spin Crowd is its definitely not all business and no play, the insight into Jonathan\’s personal life, as well as the banter between him and Simon is just comedy gold!

The Spin Crowd was created on the back of success with a one off show called ‘the Spindustry\’ featuring Kim Kardashian herself, bringing in cupcakes, and.. Simon spraying his with Windex, so he wouldn\’t over indulge. There\’s also the introduction of Lauren, a Miami VIP ‘hostess\’ in her first introduction to the gang at Command PR, undresses and changes outfits right there in the office. The girls\’ reactions: ‘We just had a stripper in our office..\’

Here is the lively conversation I had with Jonathan …

Kimberley Santos: Can you tell me what we can expect from the Spin Crowd this season?

Jonathan Cheban: There\’s a lot of fun, a lot of personal stuff that people aren\’t expecting because they think its just a work show, celebrity cameos and an inside look into Hollywood, and Hollywood PR and how I live and all that fun stuff.

KS: Our Aussie Sophie Monk plays a part, making a cameo; can you tell us what it was like working with her?

JC: *laughing* Yes, I love Sophie. Sophie\’s a friend of mine. She bails me out in one of the episodes, I needed her help on something, and like a true friend, she came through.

KS: Now that you\’re in the public eye now yourself, do you need to be more aware of your own reputation now (as opposed to the celebrities you are seen with, and represent?)

JC: Yeah, of course. It has been a lot crazier in the last couple of weeks. Now I have to look good all the time now, I can\’t slack off anymore. Everywhere I go now, people constantly stop me, and before I used to wear a baseball hat and roam around, and when I go to the mall and eat, and now when I go out, I\’m like, oh God I look terrible, I feel so bad, and they\’re seeing me look a mess!

KS: On the topic of looking good, and keeping fit; I saw a clip of you attending your very first ‘boot camp\’ at a gym, are you still doing that?

JC: That\’s a special scene, meant to be in the first episode, but didn\’t make the cut. I went to boot camp, and it was abusive , it was torture, I thought I was going to be in an ambulance, I mean its crazy, I don\’t know how people do this every day. It was hell!

KS: So you haven\’t gone back? *laughing*

JC:  Oh, God no. They\’re lucky I didn\’t burn the place down. *laughing*

KS: I think the funniest aspects of the show, is your friendship and partnership with Simon. Like Abbot and Costello,  you are complete opposites; in the funniest way. How does that work?

JC: I don\’t know. You know, I\’ve known Simon, after he came to work with me, like seven years ago. He was so proper and quiet and then all of a sudden he blossomed, he\’s like the Simon you see now. He\’s just so different with me, we\’re always butting heads, and he\’s so proper and embarrassed with stuff that I say. Its always a constant battle with us, but we work great together in the end.

KS:  Do you think he keeps you grounded as such, or calms you down maybe?

JC: Oh yeah, for sure. There are things I\’m about to do and I think oh God, Simon\’s going to freak, I don\’t want to hear it.

KS: Does he still Windex cupcakes..?

JC:  Oh my God, he Windexes everything! He\’s crazy, I don\’t have any food in my condo in LA. Every time I buy something delicious, I literally come home and I remember, oh wait I got that yesterday, and thank God. Then of course its not there, I look in the garbage and its right there. And the guy just doesn\’t.. I don\’t know, its so annoying!

KS: The word ‘villainous\’ came up because of you requesting a staff member to get lip injections.. has that been overblown? (pardon the almost-pun)

JC:  YES. Well, you know..she needed to dress up, and I have a business to run and I just moved to LA, and I have an image to uphold, meetings all the time and I just told her that she needed to dress up. I don\’t know where she worked before, but this is not a dry cleaners, this is a Hollywood PR firm and you know I gave her an extreme, thinking she wouldn\’t do the lips but at least she\’d do the hair and makeup, but she did the lips.. you know, and the rest is history.

KS: But I\’m guessing that it was edited to be super shocking in the show, and that she\’s still there, still a part of the team, and you\’re all good.

JC: No, we\’re all good, I have no issues with her, she\’s great.

KS: How about the girls in general, and the competitiveness? First reaction to Lauren being ‘we just had a stripper in the office..\’

JC: She\’s definitely chilling out, its been a few months in the office but she\’s doing good. You know they\’re still competitive because its like who\’s going with me, or who\’s going out with a celebrity to lunch  or that kinda thing. But you know, they all have to work together and look at each other all day so they just have to deal with it. And in the end, there\’s about 3000 other people that want that job! *laughing*

KS: Seeing as you deal with celebrities every day and host parties, and red carpet events, do you get star struck?

JC: We don\’t really do personal celebrity PR but we specialize in entertainment and red carpets and press events, but I love Tom Cruise. He\’s one of my favourites and I would love to do anything with him. He\’s the only one I\’d get star struck over, him, and Johnny Depp.

KS: What is the daily grind like; life in the office? I\’m guessing things are much busier since the show started. What\’s life like at Command?

JC: Well, its only been a couple of weeks, let\’s talk in about 6 weeks and I\’ll let you know! Honestly, I wish I knew what\’s going to happen. We\’ll wait and see!

KS: I think the beauty and charm of this show is the unexpected comedy, not just the insight into celebrity PR, but from seeing how you interact with others, your friendship with Simon, with him trying to take you down a notch and I think its going to do really well here.

JC: Oh, thank you so much. Yeah its really not all about work, its about Simon and I, and the interaction with celebrities, and that\’s the kind of fun stuff people really want to see. I hope everybody likes it out there, and they get me! *laughs*

You can tune into the hilarious hoopla and diva worthy drama’s of Jonathan and Simon every Tuesday at 10pm AEST on E! immediately following the fifth season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” (E! is available on FOXTEL, OPTUS and AUSTAR on Channel 121).

Visit the E! website for more goss:

Miss Pop Couture

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