Episode 10: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

| 22 September , 2010 | Reply

Well! We have reached the pointy end of the competition!

Its do or die for the remaining three and all bets are off!

First up I take the gals through their paces with the Sony foundation runway show.

These three rocked it!!! Amanda in particular was absolutely stunning! What a star! She absolutely blew me away – she has grown every episode in her walk, her shoots and her overall attitude towards her modelling future.

Sophie was sublime and my little mate Kelsey was astonishing on the runway.

Sadly, (and as you saw somewhat emotionally!) I bid goodbye to my little chickies…

I am beyond proud to have worked with all of these girls – particularly the top 5 – all whom I believe possess the talent, instinct and the drive to succeed as models.

It was a joy and honour to instruct and guide such a talented group of women.

Anyway! Tears wiped and onto the Harpers shoot – well, all 3 had the chance to prove themselves, and it was touch and go for them all at various points.

Although I disagree with the fashion director’s way of instructing the girls on the day – please remember love these girls have only been in front of a lens for 10 weeks!! – she did had a few valid points.

Kelsey NEVER takes a bad photo – NEVER!!!

Sophie looked regal and, dare I say, elegant and Amanda was (after a shaky start) simply ravishing!!!

All three were so good in fact our judges had a 3 hour deliberation at judging and still couldn’t eliminate a girl…

TOP MODEL HISTORIC MOMENT!!! Never has this happened before in all the series and I have to say I know why:  All 3 can be top models.

So, as I madly prepare for the live final next Tuesday, I leave you with these parting shots:

Please vote for the girl who has had the biggest growth, most versatile look and the most internationally viable export- C’mon guys!

This year we have a chance to show the world just how good we make our models down here!!!

It has been a pleasure re-capping with you this season and I look forward to next!!!

Don\’t forget, the finale of Australia\’s Next Top Model can be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm next Tuesday.

Images courtesy of Fox 8 / Cam Hammond


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