Katy Perry Joins Elmo on Sesame Street

| 23 September , 2010 | 1 Reply

Katy Perry sings a spoof version of her ‘Hot N Cold‘ song With Elmo on Sesame Street … Katy turns up to play with Elmo but he’s not up for any fun at all.  Her appearance on Sesame Street is part of the show’s 41st season.  Katy does the cutest things!


Update: HBO\’s vampire series True Blood just got the Sesame Street treatment … True Mud!

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  1. xxl maroc says:

    Come on people. You either do not have children or are totally unaware of the perverts out there. Perrys outfit is not too bad, but the mcostume designers could have raised it a couple inches, she only needs to bend over and a nipple will pop out. Next thing you know you all will be happy with male stars showing up shirtless and pubic hairs stickining out!!!

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