Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Scent of the Future Event Milan

| 26 September , 2010 | 8 Replies

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and their ‘baby bump’ were guests at the cocktail party of the “The Scent of the Future” preview of the new exhibition, at the Palazzo Citterio in Milan tonight (25th September).

The beautiful images of Miranda we saw in 3D in Vogue Italia’s September 2010 issue photographed by Steven Meisel are a key feature of the exhibition. They were invited by P&G Prestige and Vogue to attend the event and mingled with guests including Franca Sozzani and Frida Giannini.
I wonder how it feels for Orlando to be at an event like this with his beautiful wife and there are these blown up pictures of her on the wall (including topless ones) and everyone is staring at them and she’s there with him … it’s different when it’s a magazine editorial, this is right there in your face and people are oggling his wife right there … do you know what I mean? That would be surreal I would think.

Miranda & Orlando leaving, courtesy of Bryan Boy who was lucky enough to be at the event, jealous!:

OMG, reader and Miranda Kerr fan Mayfrayn (aka. Elena) was at the event when Miranda arrived and took this little video, I can’t believe how close she was:


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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Elena, apologies for the tardy response it’s been very hectic here … thank you for sharing it with us, I cannot believe how close you were 🙂 xoxo

  2. Jayne says:

    Orlando looks soooooooo good.

  3. mayfrayn says:

    Hi darling, you put my video here! You’re so kind, I’m glad you like it…and yes, I was so close, Orlando and Miranda were so beautiful. Miranda is such a vision, tall, and graceful, and Orlando looks even younger when you see him for real. Beautiful couple, especially because they are not only gorgeous outside, but even inside…

  4. Sassi Sam says:

    Mayfrayn … that’s awesome, I can’t believe how close you were!

  5. mayfrayn says:

    Here is my video on You Tube:

  6. mayfrayn says:

    Yes, I am me! LOL
    I live in Milan, and how could I miss the opportunity to see Orlando again, and Miranda for the first time? It was all so quick, because the street where the exhibition took place was narrow, and there was a lot of traffic. They came out of the car, then stopped for a while and at last went inside. And they were so beautiful! I will post the video in a few hours, stay tuned!

  7. Sassi Sam says:

    OMG Mayfrayn, were you? That is so exciting and yes please let me know when when you have posted it and I’ll add the link here … how lucky, I’m so jealous 🙂

  8. mayfrayn says:

    Dear Sassi, I was outside the palace and saw them arrive, they were so beautiful!
    And I have a video of when they arrived, I will post it tomorrow at my community:

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