Meeting Trinny & Susannah for Westfield Fashion Therapy Tour

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Today I was at the launch event of Trinny & Susannah’s Fashion Therapy Tour and their first Australia TV Series for LifeStyle YOU channel, Trinny & Susannah’s Australian Makeover Mission, hosted by Sarah Wilson.

Trinny & Susannah took three cricket partners, Jessica Bratich, Haley Bracken and Karina Haddin for an express shop around Westfield this morning to style them for their upcoming summer of matches and events they have on their calendars.  They worked against the clock frantically running around with the girls choosing their outfits, they had to choose one for Match Day, The Committee Lunch and Day to Night.

“We are excited to be in Australia again for The Westfield Fashion Therapy tour and to film our new TV show for LifeStyle YOU, Trinny & Susannah\’s Australian Makeover Mission. What a great way to kick off the tour with the partners of Australia\’s sporting finest undergoing some fashion therapy,” said Trinny Woodall

Westfield conducted a survey and it revealed that 97%* of Australian women would prefer a new Spring/Summer wardrobe than a date with Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt or George Clooney.  And three out of four Aussie women said they have also indulged in fashion therapy over the past year and over 50% said they have bought a fashion item to cheer themselves up.  We didn’t need a survey to confirm that info to us now did we girls?

And they also learnt from us that a new dress was voted the item that offers the best fashion therapy for Australian women, followed by shoes and a great pair of jeans. But we also said that we would prefer lingerie and a new handbag from our partners when it comes to fashion therapy.

All in all, it was awesome meeting Trinny & Susannah, I was so nervous they would pick on me but luckily they didn’t!  I have to say I loved Trinny’s outfit, it’s just so girlie and Sassi, the tulle underskirts are her signature look for her trip Down Under.

The Westfield Fashion Therapy Tour will transform over 100 women across 6 cities, and will be jam packed with fantastic local fashion advice, exclusive to LifeStyle YOU and will air in 2011.

If you want to participate in the Westfield Therapy Tour, the tour dates are below, or you can contact your nearest Westfield or visit their website for further information:

Westfield Fashion Therapy Tour Dates

Double click for larger size

* Westfield conducted online research on in August/September 2010 with 4000 Australians

Photos were taken on the Samsung NX10 that was lent to me by Samsung. Being the technical dummy that I am, I couldn’t work out how to turn the flash on 🙁

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