GIVEAWAY: Nicole Richie\’s New Book, Priceless

| 29 September , 2010 | 11 Replies

Nicole Richie’s new book “Priceless” has hit bookshelves across the country today and I have THREE COPIES TO GIVEAWAY!

But first, what’s Priceless about?

Tall, blond and willowy twenty-two-year-old Charlotte Williams seems to have everything going for her – she\’s rich and gorgeous, a talented singer, and has just returned to her Park Avenue penthouse after a year studying in Paris.

But since her mother\’s tragic death years ago, her father, an extremely successful financier, has been her only family – and if she\’s being honest, her only true friend.

All that changes when Jacob Williams is arrested on charges of fraud, and the SEC freezes the family\’s bank accounts.

With her father in jail and her partying pals suddenly scarce, Charlotte escapes Manhattan and heads to the one place she doesn\’t think anyone will come looking: New Orleans.

Determined to rebuild her life, Charlotte moves in with her beloved former nanny and between trying to make ends meet and hiding from her past, she meets Kat, a fellow fashionista who introduces her to the best of the Big Easy\’s bohemian style. With Kat by her side, Charlotte begins to haunt nightclubs, securing singing gigs that soon begin to heat up – as does her friendship with a local boy, Jackson.

But Charlotte\’s being followed by an angry stalker who wants nothing more than to destroy her for her father\’s crimes. And with Mardi Gras just around the corner, the masquerade has only just begun . . .

Watch Nicole Richie discuss her book:

Available now:  HarperCollins RRP$24.99

Now for all your Nicole Richie Fans, do you want to get your grubby little mitts on a copy?  Well I have THREE COPIES to giveaway and all you need to do is email me why you love Nicole Richie.

Have included some images of Nicole doing a book signing at Borders, New York City yesterday.

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** Australian residents only, you need to be registered for Sassi Confidential and please comment below by telling me why you love Nicole Richie. Winners announced in two weeks. Good luck.

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  1. Rats! Just emailed my above comment, then saw that the comp has now closed 🙁 Maybe next time xo

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    This Giveaway is now closed, I will be announcing the winners shortly. Thanks so much for entering.

  3. She wears whats comfortable & in her own style that makes her a one off glamorous celebrity to me

  4. Courtney says:

    Nicole is a billion time more cool than paris.

  5. Sassi Sam says:

    Wanted to remind you all that entries are via email as per instructions above.

  6. Karen says:

    Nicole is a great inspiration to overcome personal issues in the public spotlight immerging as a wonderful mother and role model.

  7. Helen Fry says:

    Nicole ritchie I believe is one of the worlds most inspiring young women as she has juggled many issues in her life , she is a brave strong woman for remaining positive even though we have seen her at her lowest she has grabbed a hold of life and pulled herself up from the lows .
    She now lives life to the full inspiring others to lead a beautiful positive life and enrich many peoples lives , she is a loving mother and dedicates eveything to her children , they are her world and if anything she should receive an award for being a top mother , seeing the way she has changed her life wants me to change my life so I can also bring much happiness into my life so I in return can inspire others to do the same thing 🙂 Go Nicole <3

  8. Gabrielle P says:

    Nicole Richie has overcome many obstacles and has carried herself through life always with a positive attitude and bright outlook on life. Despite her many private and public tribulations – whether it be her crazy party lifestyle and drug use, to her own personal journeys dealing with adoption, motherhood and her growing professional career – she has come out on top confidently and a better, more graceful, person. She epitomizes what a girl can become. She has grown into such a stylish, classy and poised daughter, fiance, mother and businesswoman; and provides women, both young and old, with the inspiration and drive to work harder and stronger for a better and more fashion-wise life.

  9. melanie w says:

    I love Nicole Because she is fabulous a stunningly unique sense of style she has managed to turn her life around from paris hilton handbag to role model for any women a fantastic business woman wife and mother shes really shown that she has turned her life around for the better

  10. I love Nicole Richie because she’s a great role model and an inspiration! This is a woman who has had to grow up in the spotlight, and manages to juggle Motherhood, Beauty, Business, Creative Writing and Fashion and does it all with a serene, positive manner :)Plus, she’s really funny – and no, she’s not paying me to say that 😉

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