Interview: Gyton Grantley Urges Ladies to Get Behind the Lens

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Keeva Stratton, Quip Creative

In his new role as promoter for the online only competition Movie Extra Webfest, actor Gyton Grantley (of Underbelly and Beneath Hill 60 fame) is excited to be a part of a competition that allows just about anyone to show off their filmmaking talents.

I caught up with the uber-friendly Gyton to get the inside scoop on this modern movie making competition:

Keeva Stratton: What is Movie Extra Webfest?

Gyton Grantley: It\’s a Facebook competition hosted by Movie Extra, for people to create webisodes for a 7 part series, 3 minutes for each episode. To enter, they need to make a 60 second trailer of their proposed series and provide a synopsis of their ideas. The best thing about this competition is that it is open to your imagination.

KS: Why webisodes?

Gyton: We\’re starting to move further away from the television to the internet –webisodes are going to become more popular. They are a new and exciting way to access entertainment.

KS: Who can enter?

Gyton: Anyone. The great thing is this doesn\’t require a huge budget to make it all happen. You can get together with a couple of friends and make it in a weekend. Your imagination is your limit – it\’s not just for professionals and it\’s not a costly production.

KS: How has the response been?

Gyton: So far there has been 2800 participants, 9 entries and over 800 wall posts. It\’s a great avenue for amateur film makers to reach a large audience. On the wall there has been a sharing of advice, discussions and an interaction that has been really beautiful.

KS: What about the ladies; have there been many female entries?

Gyton: (Reads a stream of male names…) It\’s been all male entries to date, so we\’re putting a call out for female talent. I\’m dying to see some girl-power! This comp has an international audience and we want to see films on all sorts of topics, not just things exploding. (Laughs…)

KS: If women want to enter how long do they have?

Gyton: Entries don\’t close until November 15, so there is still plenty of time to enter.

So ladies, if Sophia Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow and Jane Campion have taught us anything, it\’s that women make great films, and, with not one female entry to date in the Movie Extra Webfest, it\’s time we got our creative juices flowing and added the benefit of a female perspective to this fantastic competition. Who knows, it could be the launching pad for something special.

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