Interview: Five minutes with Teresa Palmer for Jurlique

| 5 October , 2010 | 2 Replies

Naomi Cotterill

Jurlique made a smashing choice in choosing Miss Teresa Palmer as their brand ambassador. The Aussie actress is the very antithesis of a brand that is all about the natural. We sat down with Teresa to discuss all things Jurlique and to answer a particularly important question; Can using Jurlique products make me look as blooming gorgeous as her?

Sassi: So Teresa, how does it feel to be the face of such an iconically Australian brand?

Teresa: It is an absolute honour to be an ambassador for Jurlique. I have always been a big fan of their products and to be asked to be affiliated with the company in this way was very exciting.

Sassi: Jurlique products are world renowned for their fabulous-ness. What was it  specifically about Jurlique that made you really want to be a brand ambassador for them?

Teresa: Jurlique believe that biodynamic and organic products are of upmost importance and to me that is a sign that this company truly believes in the well being of it’s customers. I believe in Jurlique’s products and think that this company is a head above the rest in terms of creating a line that is not only highly beneficial to the skin but also one that steers clear from chemicals that can have a negative long term effect on our skin.

Sassi: You\’ve said before that Jurlique places a real emphasis on natural, organic beauty. Why is this so important to you?

Teresa: I hate feeling like there are chemicals and toxins on my skin when I know that it just isn’t necessary. Already in our everyday life we are faced with an abundance of pollution and unnatural substances that the last thing we need to be doing is filling our pores with more chemicals. When natural and organic products have such a wonderful impact on your skin there is no need to rely on the other stuff.

Sassi: Moving on to your beyond amazing complexion What are your beauty secrets and more importantly, how can we get skin like that?

Teresa: Thank you! I drink lots of water, sleep 8 hours per night and always cleanse and moisturise my face in the morning and in the evening. I also use Jurlique’s purifying mask once a week to get rid of excess dirt in my pores. I also love the Clarisonic cleansing machine which has done wonders for my skin.

Sassi: You\’re the perfect choice to play Disney\’s newest princess in ‘The Sorcerers Apprentice\’. How did you enjoy the role? Was it surreal the first time you stepped onto the set? What was it like working with Nicholas Cage?

Teresa:  I loved playing Becky Barnes, she was such an endearing character, brave and strong and sweet. Stepping onto a set the size of the Sorcerers Apprentice one was certainly daunting and overwhelming but in the most exciting way. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and they made me feel very comfortable and at ease with what I was doing. Nic cage is a darling, he is a very funny man, eccentric in the best of ways, very interesting and of course extremely talent. He is also humble and down to earth which was nice to see.

Sassi: Are you starting to get recognized on the street now or are you still under the radar a bit? How do you manage that?

Teresa: I am still flying under the radar which is so great. I get to live a very normal life and still have all the same friends I had from school back in Adelaide. Every now and then I will get recognized but they are always so lovely and warm that it is very flattering and sweet. My friends just think its funny when that happens! I would like to keep my anonymity if possible but if that is not the case then I believe there are ways to deal with it to ensure you can still live a relatively regular life.

Sassi: Do you have a celebrity crush, someone you would just love to meet and work with?

Teresa: Angelina Jolie! I think she is a very brave actress, she is always so compelling and enchanting to watch on screen. I commend her philanthropic efforts too and think an afternoon spent with her would be pretty memorable!

Sassi: What does the rest of 2010 have in store for Teresa Palmer (apart from looking fab for Jurlique)?

Teresa: I am currently directing a documentary that I shot in Africa which is based on the idea that happiness is having less. I am also writing my first screen play, doing press for my upcoming films “Kids in America” and “I am number 4” I\’ll be starting a film “Say Nothing” in December in Sydney.

Sassi: With so much going on, how do you manage to make time for yourself with such a frantic schedule and what do you like to do in your downtime?

Teresa: I always take time out of each day for myself. I like to keep a journal and go to the gym which I find to be nicely indulgent. In my downtime I like to scrapbook, write, cook and hang out with my friends and my dog. I have learnt to slow down which makes me feel a less stressed out and more zen.

Sassi: If you could choose any one place in the world to relax and unwind, where would it be?

Teresa: Adelaide south Australia where I am from!

Sassi: Which Jurlique products would you give ‘hero\’ status to and why?

Teresa: Herbal recovery gel hands down. It’s such a beautiful and unique product. If I am having a bad skin day the herbal recovery gel can instantly uplift and revitalize my face, it is truly is a god send. I also cannot live without my daily exfoliating cream, the smell, the texture, the results are amazing, I have stockpiled this product as I can\’t imagine what it would be like without using it each day!

Sassi: What would be your number one skincare tip for all us beauty junkies?

Teresa: Keep yourself and your skin hydrated at all times with Jurlique’s daily moisturizer and plenty of h2O.

So there you have it! Always insightful words of wisdom from the gorgeous Teresa Palmer. I don\’t know about you but I\’m off to refill my 2 litre water bottle and buy a tub of herbal recovery gel the size of my head.

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