Book Review: Do You Come Here Often? Alexandra Potter

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Belinda Iziercich

Do You Come Here Often by Alexandra Potter: Grace was only a teenager when Jimi broke her heart. But that was thirteen years ago – she had moved on.

Grace was now engaged to Spencer and couldn\’t be happier&or could she?  After all, she has been engaged now for two years and even though she had a shiny ring on her finger, she still hadn\’t managed to get Spencer to help her set a for their wedding.

Jimi was just a teenager when he spent one night with Grace. He didn\’t have any feelings for her anymore – he had also moved on.

Jimi thought life couldn\’t get any better. He had a sexy (younger) finance, a wedding to look forward to and a very successful career as a freelance journalist. Jimi felt like he had it all&or did he?  A phone call from his fiancé a few days before the wedding throws a spanner in the works for Jimi and turns his happily ever after upside down.

After thirteen years Grace and Jimi have a chance encounter while waiting for a taxi. Is this just a coincidence, or fate?  Whatever it is, their friendship blooms, and Grace and Jimi reluctantly become friends. Grace and Jimi\’s friendship blooms while she is taking a break from Spencer. Meanwhile, Jimi has recently received a heart breaking phone call, when his fiancé calls off their wedding just days before they are supposed to walk down the aisle together.  With their friendship developing so well, Jimi thinks that Grace won\’t mind posing as his wife, so that they can both go on an all-expenses paid trip to New York. He would prefer not to ask, but if he doesn\’t swallow his pride, his career may be ruined. Grace reluctantly agrees.

Will this be the start to something wonderful, or the awkward end to their friendship?

Potter writes the story in a way that will leave you wanting more. Every time I would get to the end of a chapter, I kept telling myself, ‘I\’ll just read one more chapter\’ and would end up reading three more! The story develops at a good pace and there were no parts of the book that I felt dragging or boring– it all flowed well and at a good pace. Potter\’s writing is rich with descriptives and this made the story much more enjoyable as I could really imagine what the characters looked like as well as anticipate how they would react in particular situations. For me, this made the writing more enjoyable, as well as being more believable. I think the sense of anticipation felt throughout the book also added to the enjoyment for me and left me thinking – will they or won\’t they, throughout the entire book.

The book reminded me of the film Bridget Jones Diary – as the leading lady has to choose between the dependable guy and the spontaneous guy.  My recommendation – start reading now, so you know which one she chooses!

Pick up this book if you are in the mood for something light hearted, but also has a touch of romance.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99.


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