Alexa Chung: Elle UK November 2010 Editorial

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Alexa Chung is on the cover and inside Elle UK’s November 2010 issue, everyone’s focused on her frustration around the rumours that she’s battling an eating disorder.  She says (her sincere honesty is refreshing):

“I don\’t expect everyone to like me. It\’s just not realistic or how the world works. If someone I\’ve never met is mean about me, it doesn\’t matter. But I cannot express how frustrating it is to not be believed when you say, ‘I don\’t have an eating disorder.’ I am naturally very thin. I get even thinner when I\’m stressed. And you cannot imagine how stressed I was last year. It was really f***ing hard work and I had to keep saying how great MTV was, how I was having the best time, while looking like I\’m dying. Anyone could see I wasn\’t coping that well. But it angers me because I don\’t want to be a pin-up for young girls just for being thin. I don\’t want to be admired for being thin, as opposed to being dressed well, and I don\’t want the two to get confused. It really upsets me. That\’s why I stopped using Twitter for a while because I was getting so much s*** about being anorexic. And I am not! I am genuinely not.”

In her editorial we see Alexa photographed by David Vasiljevic and styled by Anne-Marie Curtis for “The Accidental Stylist” editorial channeling Alexa’s passion for 60’s icons . On other things:

On America: “In New York, everything is insanely work orientated. It\’s been a lesson-you can\’t come here and not work really, really hard. I haven\’t tried to ‘break America\’ but I have learnt that I\’m ambitious. It\’s just not focused. I want to be good at lots of things.”

On drugs: “I\’m too much of a show-off not to have done all this. I\’d have been a nightmare otherwise. Imagine if I hadn\’t had a way to express myself! It\’s why I don\’t do drugs. I\’ve never ever tried coke. My friends are like, ‘Alexa, no!’ I would be a real problem.”

Visit Elle UK’s website to watch the behind the scenes video of Alexa’s photoshoot.

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