Do you want to be photographed by David LaChapelle in Australia?

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Renowned risque Celebrity photographer David LaChapelle is coming to Australia next week to capture the nation on the new Nokia N8 smartphone for a first-ever public photoshoot!

In case you’re not aware of David LaChapelle (I hope that you are, he’s amazing), he’s famed for his extravagant, unforgettable portraits of Eminem, David Beckham, Uma Thurman, Mohamed Ali, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Leonardo diCaprio, Kurt Cobain and Keith Richards, to name a few.

Angelina Jolie

Now, for the first time, LaChapelle wants to put a diverse range of Aussies in the frame and invites us into his imaginative world in the dramatic purpose-built set designed by LaChapelle, that is the ImagiN8 Studio, in both Sydney and Melbourne!!!

“I\’m looking to shoot a variety of people who can bring their own character, personality and style. I want to document them in much the same way as people document things with their cellphone cameras,” he said.

The public shoot will be held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney on Wednesday 20 October and at Queensbridge Square in Melbourne on Saturday 23 October.

People will be selected from the crowd to be photographed by LaChapelle in the ImagiN8 Studio and the pictures will be made available to view and download from Nokia Australia\’s Facebook page ‐

Pretty cool hey?  If you have no inhibitions whatsoever, I’d be in the crowd if I was you!

And BTW his latest book Heaven to Hell is also now in Australia, you can order it here, I have no order details for you as they haven’t come back to me even though I have contacted them a number of times for you, if you love photography, you’ll be blown away by his book.

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