Eva Longoria: Not a desperate housewife, just a very green one

| 19 October , 2010 | 2 Replies

Manja Louman, Green Times

In real life ‘Desperate Housewives‘ star Eva Longoria isn’t so desperate after all! With her green lifestyle and her own green restaurant she helps promote a green lifestyle and tries to let people see that it is important to take good care of the environment and the earth.

Eva Longoria grew up on a range with a lot of land and all kinds of animals around her. She says that this made her conscious of just how beautiful the earth and mother nature really are. Her parents were also instrumental in helping her see that it is also important to turn off the light when there is nobody in a room and to use as little water as possible. But she doesn’t only do the little things everybody can do, she also lives in green houses and now she has her own green restaurants and nightclubs too.

Green Restaurant and Nightclub

So if you love the nature and also delicious food, what would be a better idea than building your own eco friendly restaurants? This is what Eva Longoria must have thought when she decided to build her first eco friendly restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant is called Beso and on the top floor they built a green nightclub called Kiss. Recently Eva also launched a second restaurant in Las Vegas which is also called Beso and there, on the top floor, they built an nightclub as well, this time called Eve.

The restaurants and clubs have been designed and fitted out using recycled wallpaper, recycled and compostable take-away packaging, recycled paper menus, toxin-reduced cleaning and cooking gear and lots of natural light to save energy during the day. They also searched for locally sourced building materials to minimise the transportation carbon footprint.

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker on Ellen DeGeneres Show (15 Oct 2010):

The Green Lifestyle of Eva Longoria

Eva and her husband Tony Parker have built two green houses with solar panel roofs, using recycled wood and other energy saving systems. She is also involved in the building of green business centres, teaming up with in two professionals involved in green real estate and building, to establish a company called The Greenville Project. They refurbish buildings and at the moment they are refurbishing a building in Portland that they want to transform into an eco friendly mall. This mall will use 30% less electricity and 50% less water than traditional malls.

She is also the driving force behind the HEB bags, which are green shopping bags that people can buy in a grocery store chain in America. They promote the use of reusable bags so the use of plastic bags will be reduced.

Your Girlie Green Times

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  1. Marion says:

    Not just a pretty face too! It is so good to see that famous people like her put their fame to good use 🙂 I love Eva Longoria!

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