Review: The Finishing Touches, Hester Browne

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Belinda Iziercich

The Finishing Touches; a story for every girl who dreams of being (practically) perfect.

Betsy was left on the front doorstep of a finishing school when she was a baby. Her biological mum left a note asking the finder of the baby to look after.  Betsy never finds out who left her on the door step and grows up with Franny and Lord Tallimore (who are the owners of the Finishing School, Tallimore Academy) as her adopted parents. They raise Betsy as though she is their own&but Betsy still feels like she needs to know where she really comes from.

Betsy has always fantasised about who her real parents are, however, never did anything about it. She never tried to find out for fear of hurting the feelings of the people who love her so much and have raised her as though she is flesh and blood. So while Betsy is overcome with grief when she hears of Franny\’s death, she is also curious to finally find her real parents. No one seems to understand her curiosity more than a former student of the finishing school, Nell, who speaks to Betsy at Franny\’s wake and encourages her to find her mum.  Is this just innocent encouragement, or does Nell know something important about Betsy\’s past?

After Franny\’s wake, Lord Tallimore approaches Betsy to tell her that the finishing school is experiencing financial problems and without some new ideas, it will be forced to shut down. But can Betsy really save the Academy, especially when her ‘consultancy experience\’ is nothing more than managing a shoe shop.

Betsy is determined to save the finishing school, especially as it is the place that she grew up in.  With all this work, she doesn\’t have any time for romance in her life&or does she? Betsy has had a crush on her best friend\’s brother (Jamie) for years. But with many glamorous ladies swooning after Jamie, Betsy hardly thinks that he would be interested in her. But is he being nice to her because Franny recently passed away&or because he has always (secretly) liked her, too?

This book is lovely and reminds me of Ladette to Lady – except with far less tattoos and swearing!  I also like that each chapter begins with a beauty tip that would be useful for all ladies. For instance – one tip says that popping a Nurofen before a waxiong appointment will make the appointment much less painful. Simple tips, I know – but I can tell you from firsthand experience, that one came in handy on Saturday! The main character, Betsy is likeable and makes being an independent, strong and elegant woman very appealing.  This is not a romance novel, although there is definitely an element of romance in the book, but it is not too over the top, nor does it take away from the main story line.  However, you will be left wondering right to the end if Betsy will finally get the man of her dreams or not&

Pick up this book if you are in the mood for something that is enjoyable right till the last page.

Available now: Hachette RRP$15.95.

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