Review: Scarred (Willow) by Julia Hoban

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Tina Gamble

A story that takes you into the mind of a cutter, and brings you to the brink of heartbreak& Follow Willow\’s journey through grief, first love and moving forward.

Scarred, aka Willow, by Julia Hoban is both touching and raw. Hoban opens your eyes, broadens your mind and plays a tune with your heart.

At first, I was a bit tentative about reading a novel revolving around cutting and self-harm. (Let\’s just say, I would make a horrible nurse.) But after reading the first couple of pages, I was hooked. Hoban has set up an exquisite story that will surpass most expectations.

Willow is a relatable and honest character, and I found her journey to be intense and unforgettable. Dealing in her own way, isolated and alone, Willow is brought out of her shell by Guy – a boy who discovers her secret – and offers her the support and understanding she had been missing.

Guy is undoubtedly one of the most likeable boy-next-door male leads that I have read all year. He is complex, warm, intelligent, and by the end you\’ll wish he were real.

The relationship between Willow and Guy is compelling and heartfelt, as is the strained tension between Willow and her brother. This novel portrays all the different forms of love, from a brother, a daughter, a friend and a lover. Weaved together this makes for an intoxicating new read.

Scarred is a novel about redemption and the power of love. Hoban deftly shows that there isn\’t always an easy answer waiting for every hard question.

Willow\’s life took a tragic turn the night her parents died. Through Hoban\’s novel we get a glimpse at some of the results, heartache, and hope that can spring from the midst of even the worst of situations.

Available now: Hachette RRP$18.95


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