Introducing Neutrogena® Ultimate Sport

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Neutrogena® Ultimate Sport™ Sunscreen is the newest edition to the Neutrogena® sunscreen range that offers long-lasting durable protection from the sun with Neutrogena® Helioplex® technology.

Being outdoors makes you susceptible to sun damage because sweating, exercising and product rub-off may reduce your sunscreen protection.  The NEUTROGENA® Ultimate Sport™ Sunscreen range provides durable, long-lasting sport sun protection that keeps skin shielded during play.

NEUTROGENA® Ultimate SportTM Sunscreens are developed to withstand the primary causes of early sunscreen wear-off due to intense activity.  All of the NEUTROGENA® Ultimate Sportâ„¢ Sunscreens contain a matrixed water resistant technology to help withstand early sunscreen wear-off, including sweat, water, wipe-off and rub-off including running into your eyes and getting that stinging as you’re exercising.

Water resistant, NEUTROGENA® Ultimate Sport™ Sunscreens contain photo-stabilized Helioplex® technology to deliver the highest* protection across the UV spectrum.


  • Each formula uses a matrixed water-resistant technology to help withstand the four biggest reasons for sunscreen wear off: sweat, water, wipe-off and rub-off
  • Large molecules create an invisible, yet breathable shield on the skin to help keep each sunscreen in place during activities
  • All formulas contain stabilised Helioplex® technology, as part of the sunscreen system to deliver the highest*  protection from the sun and provide long-lasting, photo-stabilized UV protection
  • Ultra lightweight and subtly scented
  • Water resistant formulas keep skin protected during outdoor activities
  • Won\’t run into eyes to cause stinging
  • Non-comedogenic, so it won\’t clog pores or cause breakouts
  • Oil-free & PABA free
  • Breathable clean feel
  • Available in an ultra light Body Mist, Body Lotion and light-weight Face Lotion.

Ultimate Sportâ„¢ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+ $17.99 / 115ml tube; Ultimate Sportâ„¢ Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+ $17.99 /140g can and Ultimate Sportâ„¢ Sunscreen FACE Lotion SPF 30+ $14.99 / 70ml tube all available now.

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