The Veronica’s Launch Their Peta Anti-Fur Campaign

| 25 October , 2010 | Reply

Today the outspoken girls of Aussie pop duo, The Veronica’s finally launched their Peta Anti-Fur Campaign in Sydney this morning.  Wearing matching tees with the slogan ‘Mean People Wear Fur\’, the girls signed autographs to help raise awareness for the Anit-Fur campaign.

Although they aren’t naked like the other celebrities who have previously posed for PETA such as Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, and Sophie Monk, their advert is certainly shocking and attention grabbing!

Posing holding fake skinned rabbits with the caption “Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat,” the girls said in their interview they were left traumatised after seeing the videos of Chinese fur farms where animals are often skinned alive:

“Designers that still use fur to us it is just ignorant, it is unnecessary and it is unacceptable,” Jess said.

They hope by bringing attention to the younger generation they will think twice about wearing fur:

“We don’t want to be an ignorant generation, we want to inform people,” Jess said.  “We can be the generation that makes the difference.”

Video of their new campaign:

Go girls! It’s great to see Jess with her dark hair back and chopped too!

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