Launch of New Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Skincare Range

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This morning I was invited to the breakky launch of new skincare range from super duper successful Yes To company set up in 2006 with Yes to Carrots by Ido Leffler at The Penthouse at Diamont Hotel in Potts Point – such a glorious day to be enjoying views of Sydney Harbour too!

The new Yes to Blueberries range is called “Age Refresh“, Ido and his team weren’t interested in calling it ‘anti-aging’ they considered in negative and hence where “Age Refresh” came about.

Made up of five product lines, with blueberry juice (yes and the product isn’t blue because blueberries are clear inside) as the main ingredient, not listed number 27, but number 1!  The Say Yes to the new Yes to Blueberries collection blends antioxidant rich fruits with good for you ingredients to naturally help fight the signs of aging. The collection features products that help improve skin firmness, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and nourish and protect aging skin the range is 95% natural, free of parabens, petroleum and SLS.

Smoothing Daily Cleanser (RRP$19.99, 127g): Made up of Blueberries, apple, lemon peel, coconut oil is formulated to cleanse and brighten skin.

Daily Repairing Moisturiser (RRP$34.95, 50ml): Made up of Blueberries, Organic Cotton Thistle, Aloe, and Olive Fruit Oil, the Daily Repairing Moisturiser’s cotton thistle has been clinically proven to rehydrate and help promote skin repair in seven days.

Eye Firming Treatment (RRP$34.95, 15ml): Made up of blueberries, paracress flower, beeswax and olive fruit oil, the Eye Firming Treatment’s paracress flower has also clinically been proven to help restore and smooth skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 28 days.

Overnight Hydrating Cream (RRP$34.95, 50ml): Made up of blueberries, shea butter, noni fruit and sunflower seed oil, the Overnight Hydrating Cream will hydrate your skin as you sleep.

Intensive Skin Repair Serum (RRP$34.95, 30ml): Made up of blueberries, organic cotton thistle, blackcurrant and apple, the Intensive Skin Repair Serum also has the Organic Cotton Thistle that has been clinically provide to rehydrate and help promote skin repair in seven days.

Co-founder: Ido Leffler

This company is so sustainably aware it was awesome to see so much thought and care go into every aspect of their business, they stopped manufacturing their products in Israel and moved it to the US so they could reduce their carbon footprint; they have chosen the more expensive airless pumps that do not have the metal spring in them that people don’t know about and put in the recycling only to have it thrown out by the machine, their packaging is recyclable, the products are derived from organic fruits and vegetables, they donate to their Yes to Carrots Seed Fun, a non-profit organisation helping to make a difference through sustainable agriculture and they are officially credited by PETA as a cruelty free product. Man, so impressive and it has Aussies at the helm!

As an aside, Yes to Baby Carrots is launching this week, call the number below to find your nearest stockist.

Yes to Blueberries will be available at David Jones stores nationally from February 2011, for further stockist information call 1800 791 381.

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