Review: You’re the One That I Don’t Want, Alexandra Potter

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Kristy McCormick

Imagine meeting the love of your life. The One. And then imagine losing him, only to find him again after ten long years. And discovering that maybe, just maybe, he isn\’t The One after all.

You\’re the One that I Don\’t Want is the latest novel from Alexandra Potter, and it\’s a romantic story – with a twist!

When Lucy is 18, she meets Nate in Venice. Lucy hails from Manchester and yearns to be an artist, while Nate is American and, as far as Lucy can tell, everything she ever dreamed of. Of course their time in Venice must come to an end, and both are dreading the inevitable separation. Before they leave, however, they are told of a legend – if they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset (in a gondola) they will be together forever.

Fast forward 10 years and Lucy has just moved to New York to work in an art gallery. Her own dreams of becoming an artist not quite working out, she looks forward to the chance of living in New York and working with other, luckier, artists. Although quite happy with her life, Lucy often thinks about Nate and wonders if he does the same. She still firmly believes he is to be the one true love of her life, and when fate (or the legend) brings them together again she is overjoyed at their second chance at love.

Nate too seems thrilled to have run into her, and they seem to easily pick up where they left off all those years ago. For a while anyway. Soon enough it becomes clear to Lucy that the last 10 years has changed them – and especially changed Nate. They start to argue, she misses coffee and fried food, and after an almighty row they break up. But fate (the legend) has other ideas.

Time and again Lucy and Nate are brought back together. With dry-cleaning mix-ups, hotel reservation mix-ups and a complete inability to defriend each other on facebook it seems these two really are destined to be together forever.

What follows is a hilarious attempt for two people who thought they were madly in love do everything in their power to get rid of the other.

You\’re the One that I Don\’t Want is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy – with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. The characters, especially Lucy and her hippy flatmate Robyn, are fabulous and all in all it\’s an easy to read feel-good book. The only thing that irritated me though was the incessant use of the word ‘muse\’. Every second page it seemed Lucy would ‘muse\’ on something – it drove me crazy for some reason! But other than that I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially for those of you out there that believe in a little magic!

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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