Anna Dello Russo Reveals ‘Beyond’ Perfume Bottle Prototype

| 29 October , 2010 | 2 Replies

Vogue Nippon Editor Anna Della Russo ‘leaked’ the prototype bottle of her “Beyond” fragrance and OMG how incredibly glamboyant is it?  I would die and go to heaven having that on my walk-in dresser

Anna tweeted: “the first prototype of my perfume… BEYOND !

Anna also tweeted that she’s currently filming the video for the fragrance … what do you think of a magazine editor releasing a fragrance?

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  1. Maybe baby says:

    That may not be the best perfume bottle I have ever seen, but I love the color and material. I wonder if the fragrance is any good?

  2. Hugo Hase says:

    Come on – Anna is not just a magazine editor. She’s a fashion icon! Releasing her own fragrance is the least she could do.
    Go Anna!

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