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Tina Gamble

Welcome to the Land of Dreams&

We all remember our first love, our first job and of course, our first heartbreak. As a teenager, these are the things that shape us, break us and rebuild us. For some people, the teenage years are the very highlight of their lives, and for others it is a time better left forgotten. But whether it was a happy time, a sad time, or even a blurry time, the main thing is everyone goes through it.

It is true that some people will have a better time than others, and most often it won\’t seem feel fair. The thing I liked about this book the most? It hits close to home. There are no outlandish themes, or truly extreme characters, the people you will find in this book, are normal, honest, and so completely real, they may as well live next door to you.

Good Oil by Laura Buzo made me smile, because it reminded me so much of my own teen years. (My first job? Yes. You guessed it, Woolies& Surprisingly enough, my supervisor was also called Chris& Hm.)

Amelia gets her first job, as a check out chick, at her local Woolworths, aka, The Land of Dreams. On her first day, she meets Chris, a 21-year-old Uni student. He\’s smart, funny, and charming. Pretty soon, Amelia can\’t wait to go to work, if it means she gets to see Chris. The problem? Amelia is 15-years-old. It\’s a 6-year age gap that feels as if it may as well be one hundred& Oh, and there\’s also the small fact that Chris is still head over heels in love with his ex-girlfriend, Michaela.

This novel alternates through the very clear points of view of both Amelia and Chris. I must confess, I was a little more interested in Amelia\’s views than Chris\’s, but it was still good to see both sides. The differences in their personalities, Amelia\’s temper and Chris\’s odd sort of charm, work well together. They are the people you care about and the ones you want to succeed.

So whether you\’re teen years were (are) happy, sad or even blurry. There\’s something in here for everyone. Good Oil is light, fun and at times, a little bit heartbreaking. It is the type of story that will make you smile just because it\’s so normal. This is no soapie drama.

This is what really happens.

In one form or another, there is something in here that will touch most hearts, and tweak many memories.

So take the plunge, and join the crew, as they welcome you to The Land of Dreams&

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$18.99


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