Review: The Troika Dolls, Miranda Darling

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Belinda Iziercich

Stevie Duveen works for Hazard Limited, a company that specialises in looking after its high profile clients and keeping them safe. Stevie is slight, pale and unassuming. It usually came as a surprise to people that she could speak seven different languages and is gifted in several different types of combat.

Stevie gets a phone call from an old friend, Henning. He asks her to come to Moscow to help with a ‘situation\’. Stevie\’s curiosity gets the better of her, so she gets on a flight to Moscow. When she arrives, she finds out that Henning is good friends with Valery Kozkov, the head of the Russian Central Bank.  Valery has been making huge changes to the banking system in Russia – which has put a stop to all the money laundering that was occurring through many of the banks. This has made Valery most unpopular and a target to all the criminals whose illegal businesses have been affected by these changes.  Valery tells Stevie that his daughter (Anya) has been kidnapped.  Due to the corruption of the police force, the police have not been notified about this kidnapping, for fear that they may be involved.

Stevie wants to help Valery and his family, even after her boss, David Rice tells her that she should forget about the job because it is too dangerous and come home immediately.  However, after only a few days on the job, Valery sends Stevie home himself – claiming that this is his mess and he can handle it his own way. Valery intends on blackmailing his daughter\’s kidnappers by revealing some information that may be of interest to the criminal world.

Days later, Stevie gets word that Valery has been killed. Stevie feels terrible – with Valery dead, what will happen to Anya?  Even though Stevie is no longer involved with bringing Anya home, she is now the target for assassins who want to kill her because they think that she knows more than she actually does.  Will Stevie be able to keep herself alive long enough to bring Anya home safely – or is it time for Stevie to go into hiding (as per David\’s request)?  Stevie doesn\’t want to go into hiding. She wants to help and after hearing about Valery being killed, she feels like she is responsible and wants to make the situation right. Stevie puts a plan into action. Stevie will needs to pretend that she is a celebrity at a health spa in order to get close to Anya\’s kidnapper.  Will she be able to pull off the plan in time or will she be too late to save Anya?

This is not the type of book that I would normally read. Aside from the slow start at the beginning of the book, I thought this was a really fantastic read. This book is a real page turner and I definitely wanted to find out what happened to poor Anya.  The author used some really vivid descriptions of Russia and when I was reading it, I really got a sense of how cold, dark and dreary it was. I suspect that this was the author\’s intention. While I didn\’t think this would be my sort of book, it turned out to be rather interesting and a book that I would recommend to others.  Pick up this book when you are in the mood for a story that grabs you. This is not the type of book that you can pick up and put down – it has so many characters – you will get lost if you leave the book for a week at a time!

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$29.99


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