Nikki Phillips, Erin McNaught & Friends Support the RSPCA for Animal Adoption

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I was really excited to get this story from my lovely online friend Nikki Phillips (30 Days of Fashion & Beauty Ambassador, Model, Jewellery Designer, all round really really lovely). Come Christmas time the RSPCA is inundated with unwanted animals (up to 3000 animals in the lead up to Chrissy) and Nikki decided they needed a voice so she gathered up her celebrity friends to help her create a Christmas Campaign.

So Nikki, Erin McNaught, Erika Heynatz, Lizzy Lovette, Renee Bargh, Maude Garrett, Bondi Boys Dean Gladstone and Andrew Reid, Laura C’sortan, April Pengilly, Arlie Walsh and Jonothan Moran (Sunday Telegraph) all trotted out to the Yagoona Shelter to make a film with the RSPCA.

Nikki and her friends hope the RSPCA Christmas “Guardian Angels” campaign and video (which you will see here very soon) will bring awareness to this not for profit and non-government funded charity. Nikki has always been a big supporter of the RSPCA and wanted to make a donation to the Shelter but decided to fund a six minute video and photoshoot instead to reach out to people for help and hopefully be more effective in bringing attention to the plight of these animals.

At the Yagoona Shelter, the Guardian Angels walked, cleaned and talked about the joys of adopting an animal to camera.

Nikki shared: “I hope that this video brings awareness to people and shows that many animals are needing our help, whether that is with donating , adopting, fostering or lending a helping hand to the RSPCA over the Christmas period, as they do an incredible job and i personally think, don’t get enough credit for it.”

“I hope to help give a voice to these gorgeous animals who don’t deserve to be abandoned.”

“By making this video and showing the all the different breads of animals and amazing job that the RSPCA does to look after and cater for these animal, will hopefully bring awareness for people to be involved or at least think of adopting rather then buying from farmed pet stores and puppy mills.”

Girlie Gamer Maude Garrett was so excited to be part of the campaign when invited by her bestie Nikki to be a part of it:

“I just want people to be aware that there are so many beautiful animals at the RSPCA who are in need of love, security and a family of their own, domestic abuse is not acceptable on any living creature,” she said.


She continues on with: “If you are looking for an animal this Christmas, please don\’t go to the pet store who can sell illegally bred pups, but to the RSPCA where you can rescue and adopt a beautiful doggie who will love you and be so grateful.”

Laura Csortan didn’t need to be asked twice to jump on board:

“A cute puppy or a fluffy kitten is not the kind of gift you can hide away in a cupboard when it doesn’t suit you anymore. Animals are a huge responsibility and too often these poor defenseless creatures end up the subject of cruelty and abandonment.

“Fortunately the RSPCA is doing something about this and giving abused or forgotten animals another chance.  However we as a community need to help in doing our part too, this could include not buying dogs from pet shops rather adopting from an animal shelter, being careful as to what sort of dog you buy, volunteering at RSPCA, donating to RSPCA and becoming involved with the “guardian angel” campaign.

“The animals at the shelter are rehabilitated in order to put them into a loving home environment of which they so desperately need.  They almost seem to know why they are there, you can see it in their eyes along with a yearning and a readiness to  love the person who brings them into their life.”

All animals in photo’s are available for adoption, you can find out more from the RSPCA’s website or or the RSPCA’s Guardian Angel website

When the video is finished, I’ll be uploading here, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you consider an RSPCA adoption if you’re looking to purchase an animal.

And visit Nikki’s blog to read her personal thoughts about the campaign.

Courtesy of photographer James Mills

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