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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture

Can I admit that I actually did believe Mel B *was* scary – back in the Spice Girl days? By goodness, couldn\’t understand her accent either but she was one of the best dancers in the group, she had the best natural rhythm. And now, that they are all individually known for different things, arguably the group\’s biggest wallflower ‘Posh Spice\’ is now the biggest Brit celeb internationally. Not exactly sure why.. but she\’s just damn famous.

And what of Melanie B? A brief marriage, a child, a dalliance with Eddie Murphy, another baby, and now a marriage to producer Stephen (pronounced Stefan) Belefonte sees her in a pretty good place in her life. Thus begins Mel B: It\’s a Scary World, a new reality show following her, and her family and their adventures.

It\’s a fun insight into Mel and her dreams of not being known as ‘former Spice Girl\’ – just like Victoria Beckham has surpassed her Spice Girl persona, and is now David Beckham\’s other half, Mel is now finding her way through being a producer, wife, and mother. In the first episode, her husband gets her an opportunity to dance with the Pussycat Dolls (not the disbanded singing group) but the actual burlesque group, singing Fever. Mel is a tad worried she won\’t be able to cut it with dancers a dozen years younger than her, but she\’ll show ‘em! Rarr! She\’s Scary Spice! She can do it!

I think that even in the first episode, Mel bares a lot, more than I even expected her to. Her fears about seeing Eddie in person after the ‘baby daddy\’ controversy, as well as her worry that she won\’t cut it with the PussyCat Dolls troupe; its not just a fluff piece to make her look glamorous. I love the chemistry between her and her husband, and the genuine playful banter they have.  Don\’t go into this expecting Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica, this definitely has a lot more depth.

The program started Tuesday 2nd November @ 8:30pm but continues on until the end of the month, so what’s coming up:

Tuesday, 9th November @ 8:30pm—Mel B: It\’s A Scary World #102: The Great Cake Mistake

Mel’s eleven year old daughter Phoenix is graduating from elementary school and not only is Mel responsible for planning her party, but she also has to help her shop for a graduation dress.  Mel is excited to be working on a signature line of workout clothes, but her busy schedule makes honoring the commitment harder than she expected.  Mel’s has to nurture her relationship with Stephen when their weekly date night takes a back seat.

Tuesday, 16th November @ 8:30pm—Mel B: It\’s A Scary World #103: Sink or Swim

The exhausting process of making a workout video game and teaching Angel how to swim leaves Mel struggling to honor her commitment in a 10k run for charity.

Tuesday, 23rd November @ 8:30pm—Mel B: It\’s A Scary World #104: Love is Scary

Mel has a week off and to keep busy she decides to play matchmaker for her friend Matt Goss; meanwhile trying to put the brakes on love as she chaperones Phoenix\’s first date.

Tuesday, 30th November @ 8:30pm—Mel B: It\’s A Scary World #105: Vegas is the Spice of Life

Mel’s family flies to Vegas to follow up on a bunch of business opportunities and spend some family time.  Mel and Stephen meet with The Sugar Factory about a new cupcake business venture, Real Water to push Mel more into the spotlight and marketing and to do a red carpet event at Tao, all of which come at the expense of Mel’s true passion, recording a song with Damon Elliot.  Meanwhile, family tensions erupt when Phoenix sneaks out of the hotel room to go to Madame Tussaud’s.  The whole family takes a trip to the Beatles/Cirque Du Soleil show, LOVE and reconcile on a breathtaking helicopter ride over Las Vegas.

As an aside, Sassi got to go and meet Mel B at the launch last week at Beach Haus in Potts Point, we’ve added in some images from the launch. Sassi said she was really likeable and loveable in real life, as well as being very loud and funny and very very open, but I guess she just has to be, it’s reality tv about her life!

Showing on the Style Network, every Tuesday from 8.30pm.

Miss Pop Couture

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