Jets by Jessika Allen Summer Soiree Collection 2010/11

| 10 November , 2010 | 23 Replies

I’m so excited to be able to post the Jets by Jessika Allen Summer Soiree 2010.11 Campaign photographed by Danielle Federici featuring  models; Luke Cook, Jira Kohl, Kendal Schuler, Kirstie Penn and Tia Hayes.  Photographed at the IVY pool bar in the Sydney CBD and a private home on Sydney\’s Northern Beaches – Bayview.

It is so glamboyant, stylish, sexy and just incredible, I am soooo in love with it!  And as for the swimwear collection, it sizzles, sizzles, and sizzles.  This is one of my favourite campaigns this year!

The JETS by Jessika Allen Summer 2010.11 Soiree Collection is a luxurious mix of classic sophistication and unique contemporary style bringing together the essence of the most stylish of eras and transforming them into elegant modern silhouettes.

The Summer Soiree Collection evokes the ideal whimsy of the perfect glammed up summer poolside day with glamboyant friends, memories of jasmine-scented summers past, never-ending warm skies and friend-filled pool parties.  Channeling the 50’s in modern silhouettes with pretty florals, bold patterns, bright colours, sexy paneling, nauticals, gingham, paisley, ruffles, buttons and lace; this collection ups the poolside fashion stakes!

I have also included three images (end of the gallery) from the Jets White Label Collection, the high-end collection using exclusive luxe fabrics and unique details creating another divine collection that is oh so sophisticated and chic!

And I have a behind the scenes video from the photoshoot:

The JETS Swimwear Collections are available in-store now, visit Jet’s website for your nearest stockist and for further information:

Courtesy of Jets

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I’ve now closed this to comments because it’s become too personal and I don’t advocate that type of community here.

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve decided to close the comments on this post as it’s become personal, Kirstie’s personal life is not our business.

  3. troublemaker says:

    Deleted due to the comments being personal and not related to the story.

  4. stoptrouble says:

    HAHAHA don’t you mean Campaign? NOBODY said she wasn’t Talented or even good looking, They simply said she looks older. That is not bad. it is true ( you said it yourself) She is a model in her mid 30’s she looks great! But she is older, that was all that was said. Who said anything about self promotion? that CAMPAIGN is amazing( that was also said) either Kirstie is writing comments herself or someone that feels very deeply for her. Please stop making trouble in the forum.

  5. DeevaDee says:

    I think Kirstie looks fantastic, as do all the models. Its nice to see they use beautiful ppl with actual talent in modelling rather than silly wannabe’s who self-promote themselves by posting pictures of themselves online constantly. Sassi i think this is a fantastic campain with fantastic clothing modelled by fantastic models!! 😀

  6. Nikkipangie says:

    Kirstie Penn is just fabulous! She may be older but dosn’t look it! Every picture she looks stunning all the girls do. I think some people are jealous. Prob want the kind of luck and life miss Penn has.

  7. Jessqueen says:

    “Carlie” this is a blog site and I can say what i think within reason.
    As for spamming about Kirstie? Who is she? I said I think she looks out of place and other people agree. Another AVO? To have another AVO I would have needed to have one to being with. You have made a simple comment and turned it into a blog battle. It is rather funny.

  8. Carlie says:

    No ” Jessqueen” your just a bitch you have been spamming all over the net about Kirstie . It’s called cyber bullying carry on and you will get another AVO against you .

  9. jessqueen says:

    Also “Carlie”, why are you making out like being older is a bad thing? I never said it was bad to be older.

  10. jessqueen says:

    i wasn’t being mean just stating what i think. I think the Campaign is great. I just think Kirstie looks out of place. I didn’t know who that Kirstie was until another Blogger said it. I am not jealous just saying what i think, She looks much older then the other girls, I think it’s great they have used a women that is older. A blog is a place we can share comments and thoughts. By the looks of things a few others agree with me.
    P.s it’s not the hair.

  11. Sassi Sam says:

    Thank you Carlie, you too 🙂 xx

  12. carlie says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ,
    all the best in what ever you put your heart into
    C X

  13. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Carlie,

    That’s awesome news about the getting the perfect cossie for you … I’m so glad I was able to help achieve that for you … yes I’m not interested in people’s snarky personal comments against others, it’s very judgmental and that’s not what this space is about at all. Am so glad you enjoy visiting my site especially for it’s positiveness I’ve worked hard to keep it that way, I’m open to other people’s opinions as long as it is constructive.

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  14. carlie says:

    Hi Sassi,
    I bought the black and white cossi !!
    Thank you xx I had been looking for the perfect cossi for a long time, im so excited for summer now
    Its sad however to see that a paticular person keeps trying to insult kirstie, each blog has the same undertone so its obviously out of spite or jealousy.Kirstie sold that cossies to me, she looks devine in it
    As for the comment ” mutton wanting to lamb”
    Its mutton dressed as lamb,and its when somebody old dresses young.It is obvious they have tried to make her look older im sure that she doesnt do her hair like that.
    Its much nicer reading positive sites, hope you dont get anymore bitterness Sassi cos your doing a great job.
    C X

  15. flashdance says:

    My goodness,Kirstie Penn is so wrong for this. I really like the shots but your right mutton wanting to lamb. I also love the camera shot.

  16. Overrover says:

    This is so cute, I guess your right that model is much older then the other girls. it’s nice they still use older models, she is too thin and not fit looking but that happens when we get older. Skin starts to look soft, it’s just nature so that’s life. I say love your wrinkles and soft skin. I am in love with the pink one, very sweet. That camera picture is so right.

  17. Sassi Sam says:

    I’m so glad this has been a popular campaign post, I really do love it so much, it’s so aspirational and I love to dream!

  18. carlie says:

    Both of the brown haired girls look older than the blonds.I think its great that this brand shows a variety in age, we are an aging population. Her hair style is older than the other girls i cant fault it …. All the girls look fit , its my fav this yr also .
    Thanks Sassi for all the lovely pics, think im going to buy the black and white one piece.

  19. amanda says:

    I love the new campain. The girl i think your talking about is Kirstie Penn and i think she looks wonderful, she has worked for Jets before she is stunning thats why they used her again. Great job to all involved!!

  20. Sassi Sam says:

    I know it’s just awesome … am so glad others love it as much as me 🙂

  21. jessqueen says:

    It’s a really great campaign! the designs are just so flattering.I’m a bigger girl, it’s hard to find a swimsuit that makes me look nice and thin 😉
    I think your right, the other models are fresh faced and glowing, not so hard looking, i guess thats the age difference. I can’t stop looking at the old camera shot, that shot is just WOW… those 2 girls are just an asset to the brand.

  22. Sassi Sam says:

    Am so glad to hear you love this campaign. I think the model you are talking about, it’s the angle that is creating a more angular look to her.

  23. jessqueen says:

    I love this shoot except there is one girl in this that look like the mother of the group, she has brown hair and isn’t in a lot of the shots. She has one shot in a flower full peace, her body looks like it might just snap if you touched her. the other girls look fresh but that one look worn. The shot of the girls holding the old camera is just perfect, i really love this new line, it reminds me of the 60.

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