Miranda Kerr: Vogue Australia January 2011 Cover

| 15 November , 2010 | 16 Replies

The cover we’ve all been waiting for, Miranda Kerr for Vogue Australia’s January 2011 issue. Photographed by Carlotta Moye, the first pregnant Vogue Australia cover and doesn’t she look divinely glamboyant?

As an aside re; the Miranda Kerr interview on 60 Minutes last night, Miranda’s mum Therese shared these exclusive details about the interview shown last night with me this morning:

“Nan Kerr flew in the day before from Australia to be part of the 60 Minutes interview and we wanted her to recover from jetlag and feel great so we gave her, as Miranda & I regularly have ourselves, a Vitamin B12 shot in the butt.”

After the interview Miranda said, “We’re never doing that again Nan!”

Therese continues with: What everyone has seen is only part of it, we had an incredible day with Charles and the camera crew – we were all in fits of laughter for most of the day and had such a fun time – none of us were stuck for words (mind you we never are).  The interview was hysterical and one that we will cherish and remember for a very long time.

Thank you 60 Minutes for capturing our hearts and the raw essence of our family.”

This photo is courtesy of Vogue Australia from the inside editorial in the January 2011 issue, photographed by Carlotta Moye.
Miranda is wearing an Alex Perry design and it was posted exclusively with my interview on Miranda’s blog with Alex Perry.

The Vogue Australia January 2011 issue will be on newsstands December 1.


Courtesy of Vogue Australia

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  1. peachee says:

    Miranda isn’t frumpy, but pregnancy is. Sophisticated, intelligent, glamourous women want to see someone they can identify with, not someone with a huge baby bump. Pregnancy is not “sexy”, and there are many of us who would be grateful to see a return to the days where pregnant women were hidden away.
    Let me be clear – Miranda herself is fantastic, she’s made a wonderful contribution to the world with her modelling, but nobody is interested in the contributions from her uterus – it sends the wrong message. It says that we as a society are proud of people who have babies, and it encourages other pregnant women (who are decidedly less fabulous than Miranda) to believe they are something special. They are not. People like Miranda are special, but the common breeding woman isn’t. Why allow her to think otherwise?

  2. Celestecorinne says:

    Miranda is anything but frumpy. It was beautiful seeing Miranda in full “Bloom”. Sorry could not resist. Gone are the days where pregnant women were hidden away. They are beautiful vibrant,and yes even sexy.

  3. Sassi Sam says:

    I really love the cover, it’s a unique cover for Vogue Australia and what better person to create that than Miranda.

  4. peachee says:

    Miranda is gorgeous, but nobody wants to see a preg on the front cover of a glamorous magazine like Vogue. Keep that rubbish where it belongs – on boring, frumpy, mumsy publications like Women’s Weekly. I’d much rather see someone like Kate Middleton, or another non-pregnant woman on the cover. Let’s celebrate brains and beauty, not reproductive ability.

  5. Sassi Sam says:

    They didn’t inject her with drugs, Vitamin B is a vitamin and it would have been a very long haul trip for Nan, it would have given her a much needed energy boost.

  6. SadieJo says:

    I can’t believe they injected the grandmother with drugs just for the sake of an interview.

  7. mayfrayn says:

    Awwww, too beautiful, she looks ethereal!

  8. mayfrayn says:

    I’ll give a look to the blog tomorrow then, can’t wait!! Thanks for all the updates!!

  9. Sassi Sam says:

    The additional pic I was telling you about on twitter will be revealed on Miranda’s blog tomorrow, I decided to give interview article the ‘exclusive’ rather than me 🙂

  10. mayfrayn says:

    This is so beautiful sassi, you’re right!! Miranda is so gorgeous in this shot!!

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