Movie Review: Jackass 3D (2010)

| 15 November , 2010 | Reply

Keeva Stratton, Quip Creative

Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Bam Margera

If you have seen any of the previous Jackass films or the associated MTV series, which made household names of the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Bam Margera and Wee Man, then this film is everything you would expect it to be. For those innocent folk who have not, Jackass can best be described as a collection of daredevil stunts and gags, the type you expect from adolescent boys and drunken teenagers, overflowing with the ritualistic one-upmanship and daring machismo so typical when young males attempt to stake out their place within their peer group.

However, like everything with Jackass, the no-holds-barred enthusiastic embracing of stunts and gags is taken to its extremes – at times this is entertaining, sometimes hilarious, and other times disgusting. But like a bad car accident, you just can\’t help but watch, as you still have to look and admire their bravery – or is that willful stupidity – to attempt some of these stunts.

This latest addition to the Jackass series adds another dimension to the experience, literally, with the advent of 3D cinema, the latest technological innovation taking over Hollywood. (And now coming to a lounge room near you!) 3D cinema when done correctly is simply astounding. Examples such as Avatar showcased what could be achieved with this technology. Stunning and immersive visual effects turned an otherwise average film into a blockbuster. Jackass at its best uses this technology to great effect – particularly when used in conjunction with super slow motion, every bone-crunching impact and spectacular stunt becomes truly something to see.

However, there are things that you simply do not want to see in 3D. Combined with the dimensionality of the wonderfully realistic sound effects, you are presented with a cinematic experience that tests the stomach of any cinema-goer. This was noticed by the not very subtle coughing of fellow patrons whom at times were struggling to keep their popcorn where it belongs. Though flying feces or vomit may be seen as a negative by some, I am sure the target audience of these films will simply revel in it, or at least pretend to – as not to be shown up by their peers.

So for those craving deep and meaningful cinema, or for those who are unfortunately not equipped with a stomach of steel, the advice is to best give this one a miss. If you merely wish to switch your brain to idle for an hour-and-a-half of Jackass madness, then head along for the thrills and spills – for that is certainly what you will get.

Jackass 3D is in cinemas now.


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