Behind the Scenes with Tiah Eckhardt for The Strand Aracade 2011 Ad Campaign

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Last week I was invited to go behind the scenes at The Strand Arcade’s photoshoot featuring local model of the moment Tiah Eckhardt for their 2011 Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign, so I sent along one of my guest editors Lenya Jones from Fashion Loving Stylist!

The Strand Arcade continues on with their Alice in Wonderland theme, and for 2011 Campaign Creative Director Caroline Poiner and her team asked the question “What happened to Alice after she came back from the Looking Glass“.

The campaign is being photographed by James Pipino and styled by Vass Arvinitis, Vass shared:

“This season is still very feminine but with an edge.  The pieces we have used are classic, timeless and very couture. The Strand Arcade with its range of Australian talent is an amazing resource to pull outfits from and with custom pieces by Alex Perry and Anaessia created just for the campaign, we\’re looking forward to delivering some fabulous images for this campaign that will do the Strand Arcade justice.

Tiah, is best known for her Agent Provocateur campaign, was chosen for her distinctive porcelain skin with flaming red hair and her ability to look glamboyant and edgy at the same time. So playing with the juxtaposition of using bohemian, edgy model Tiah wearing glamboyant couture creations set in a shabby and raw victorianesque setting in a private home, a quirky Alice in Wonderland picture was set!

Lenya asked Tiah some quick questions so we could learn a bit more about her:

Lenya: Is there a photographer that you would love to work with?

Tiah: I would LOVE to work with Juergen Teller, I would love to see my hair in his lighting set ups 🙂

Lenya: Do you have a favourite campaign/job you’ve worked on?

Tiah: I have to admit I loved working on the Agent Provocateur campaign, playing in a bath wearing exquisite lingerie with so many gorgeous women was so much fun.

Lenya: What’s your favourite five beauty products?

Tiah: I love using Bioderm Crealine make up remover, it removes everything; I’ve been using Creme de la Mer since I was 15 years old my skin loves me for it;  I use Palmers Shea Butter mosturizer on my body and my husband just loves the scent (smells like jasmine); I’m a MAC Lady Danger Lipstick fan, I love the look of having really red lips with my vibrant red hair.

Lenya: Where’s your favourite place to travel?

Tiah: I absolutely adore Paris and LA.  LA for the trashiness and fun of the city and Paris for the sophistication and history, I just love the juxtaposition of both cities.

Lenya: What do you like to do in you downtime?

Tiah: I love to spend as much time as I can with my husband and daughter.  My daughter recently turned one and even though she is a very good baby and hardly ever cries, I hate leaving her to travel for work.  I’m currently studying at NIDA and hoping to pursue an acting career.  I’m so lucky to have a flexible husband and work schedule, we work hard to spend as much time together as a family.  I really miss my family in Perth and rely on my Mum a lot, we’re a close-knit family.  And I’m a big lover of lingerie, I’m always buying it.

So there you have it, a sneak peek at the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign for the Strand Arcade starring Tiah Eckhardt … Lenya said she walked away with a tiny girl crush on Tiah and I can see why … I can’t wait to see the end result of this campaign, thanks Strand for letting us have a sneak peek!

You can check out previous Strand Arcade campaigns I’ve posted about!

Behind the Scenes images courtesy of The Strand Arcade credit to Irene Alligiannis

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