Irina Shayk “Naked” in GQ Spain December 2010 and Photoshop Scandal

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There’s a war going on right now between GQ Spain Magazine and Elite Model Agency that represent Irina Shayk, who appears naked (she’s not really, you’re not seeing anything really) and in sexy Intimissi Lingerie in GQ Spain’s December 2010 issue photographed by renowned photographer Vincent Peters.

Elite’s Statement:

Supermodel Irina Shayk is the victim of “photoshop” in GQ SPAIN Model Irina Shayk is a victim of photoshop and GQ’s Spain negligence in her recent cover, editorial and feature in the magazines December issue. The intimissimi ambassador dawns the cover in an Intimissimi lingerie body suit but unfortunately was photoshopped to appear naked in 3 images of the 14 page spread.

In every image photographed Ms Shayk was dressed in lingerie in the artistic and tasteful shots done by famed photographer Vincent Peters but due to negligence on GQ’s part it seems as if Ms. Shayk “poised” for pictures entirely nude, which is false. A contract was signed on behalf of Ms. Shayk by Elite Model Management where she was to have approval of the interview, cover and images and was refused that right by the publication. Ms. Shayk was not nude and did not approve these images.

Futhermore, in an effort to sell more magazines the SPAIN GQ printed “Want to see Irina Shayk nude?” these kind of statements are not only not true but also defamatory towards Ms Shayk’s persona and image this lack of professionalism and neglect towards the future of Ms Shayk’s modeling career in an effort to sell magazines is not only shocking but unacceptable from such an established and prestige publication as GQ.

Gael Marie -Managing Director

GQ’s Statement (Translated via Google Translator so it’s not exact):

Given the lies, slander and suspicion falling on GQ, I am compelled to clarify some points on the photos of the model Irina ShaykTo safeguard the honor, professionalism and good faith to act for the magazine at all times.

According to prior contract signed with modeling agency and in our possession, commitment to the agency was that the interview be approved before publication by Gael Marie Elite agency. And it was.

We have the contract, more than 15 witnesses who saw Irina agreed to undress for the session, We have Irina original nude… What more evidence is needed? The facts, witnesses, original documents, photos … Why lie for lying?

Hence our surprise and indignation to see how not telling the truth knowingly. We ignore the reasons that push to create this controversy. But the photographer, stylist, assistant, hairdresser, makeup artist, myself and the team who attended this meeting, which was professional and relaxed, do not understand the reason so many lies and the liars know lying.

Irina does not need photoshop and accuse us know. She is no novice and knows how to pose and when to accept a nude and when not. A photographer who covers of GQ does not need to go deleting underwear photos. A body is so attractive that all he needed were the shucked photoshop Wall Chinchón house. The result is magnificent, the photos are beautiful and the model is a great person who has a lot to tell, as we read in GQ.

You can read their full statement on their website.

Behind the Scenes:

So what do you think?  A storm in a teacup … who’s lying? It’s a tasteful editorial and no different to any of the other editorials before her, Miranda Kerr for example!!

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