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Tina Gamble

Avery Hood was covered in blood.

Found in the forest by the local deputy, Avery has no memory of the events that led to her parent\’s death. The only thing she can remember is seeing a flash of silver.

In Ivy Devlin\’s new novel, Low Red Moon, we follow Avery\’s account as she tries to piece together the lost figments of her memory. This is a great new murder-mystery, and paranormal romance for teens.

There is a mystical element that runs throughout this story, and adds a depth that allows it to stand out amongst the other run of the mill paranormal/werewolf novels currently out on the market.

With a strong murder-mystery theme, and two generations of romances, of both Avery and Ben, and Renee and Louis, this is a thrilling and absorbing read that will leave many readers hooked.

This book comes across as modern, with a certain amount of old-world charm running through it. The hints dropped by Devlin to both Renee and Louis\’s pasts, gives the novel the added bittersweet romantic feel that stretches the storyline past Avery and Ben.

Avery is a likeable character and Ben is your typical hot outsider – except for one thing – he\’s a werewolf. Together they make for an appealing couple. My only comment was that there wasn\’t much of a build-up to the relationship between her and Ben.

Also at first, I was a bit thrown by the writing style and the amount of ‘ands\’ that popped up each sentence, but after the first chapter, I was too engrossed to notice anymore. And I think readers will find that Devlin\’s poetic style of writing only adds to the overall atmosphere of the novel.

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin is a great choice for those looking to step outside the bounds of a typical paranormal romance. As a strong murder-mystery, Devlin has created a believable world and a convincing storyline, in a forest that practically comes alive.

Delve into the forest and uncover the mystery.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$15.99


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