Olivia Wilde: Flaunt Magazine Issue 112 Cover + Editorial

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Olivia Wilde sexes up Flaunt Magazine’s Issue number 112 on the cover and inside, photographed by Yus Tsai titled “A Romance of The Near Future.”  Inside we learn that Olivia is a vegetarian and eloped with her husband when she was 18 (he was 27) and he’s the son of an Italian Prince and both her parents Leslie & Andrew Cockburn are journalists.

But more importantly we learn about her social justice work she’s doing, Olivia sits on the Board of Directors of Artists for Peace & Justice with Ben Stiller who work with Father Rick Frechette who has been working in the slums of Haiti for more than 20 years.

Father Rick, as Olivia calls him, started as a priest and saw that what the slums around Port-au-Prince, among the poorest places in the western hemisphere, really needed were doctors. So, he became a doctor, built orphanages, medical clinics, street schools and a pediatric hospital. With funding help from APJ, Father Rick is opening a new school for the poor in Port-Au-Prince:

Says Olivia: “Two hundred kids, seventh grade,” she says. “It\’s the first secondary school for kids in the slums of Port-au-Prince. Before, if you were lucky enough to get through the sixth grade through some free education program, there was nothing else for you.” The school will provide two meals, clean water, medical assistance and a safe place for kids to learn in and maybe even learn to hope for a viable future.

“Our goal is also to encourage a sense of nationalism and pride that will stop the brain drain so people can get educated, go to med school, or any other kind of school elsewhere, but have a sense of responsibility to come back there and help their own country. That\’s woven into the fabric of our curriculum.”

So this message she is promoting is a bit out of sync with the editorial don’t you think?  Anyway, you can read Joe Donnelly’s interview at Flaunt Magazine’s website.

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