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Tina Gamble


That\’s how I would describe Ann Brashares new novel My Name is Memory.  Part Nicholas Sparks novel, part The Lake House, this story is no ordinary tale. It is a journey that extends through many lifetimes, and all the chance encounters of Daniel and his Sophia.

Daniel has the Memory. This means that no matter when or how he dies, he always remembers, and what he remembers most is Sophia. Lucy is a high school student and does not remember any of her past lives, so when Daniel tells her she is Sophia, she – quite naturally – freaks out.

As the years pass, Lucy never quite forgets that mysterious boy from High School, Daniel. She has the strangest dreams, and she can\’t help but think they are in some way linked to him. Could it be possible that she did know him before? But how? And why can\’t she remember?

Definitely one of my favourite books this year. And one that will no doubt stick with me, for many years to come.

‘& But how did you do it? How did you shout to yourself across the years? How did you inscribe a message in your soul, deep enough so it would travel with you through death and loud enough to be sure to get heard? She wasn\’t asking to remember entire lives; she just wanted to hold on to this one thing.\’

There\’s such a feeling of wonder and hope that practically radiates off the pages.  My Name is Memory had me sitting on the edge of my chair. I just had to know how it ended.  And let me just say now, there better be a sequel. I\’m already waiting for it&

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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