Meeting Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway at the Moet & Chandon Party, Sydney

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Earlier this week I received the following email inviting me to come down to the Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway photocall for Moet & Chandon’s party at The Mint on Macquarie Street tonight celebrating the premiere of their Love & Other Drugs movie.

Moët & Chandon Post-Premiere Celebration
with special guests
Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway
MONDAY 6th December 2010
The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney

Furthering its century-long love affair with generations of film actors, writers and directors, Moët & Chandon will host a fabulous party to honour Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway and celebrate the Australian premiere of their new film Love & Other Drugs

8.30 – 9.15PM Black Carpet Guest Arrivals
8.45 – 9.15PM Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway photo call at Black Carpet/Media Wall

  • All photographers and crews are welcome to capture talent and guests at the Moët Media Wall at The Mint. No photographers or camera crews are allowed in the event space
  • Interviews may be conducted on the ‘black carpet\’ with guests (except with Jake & Anne)
  • House photography of guests/talent will be available from midday Tuesday 7th December (contact MPagency)

CONFIRMED CELEBRITY GUESTS ATTENDING: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Sophie Lowe, Teresa Palmer, Maeve Dermody, Krew Boylan, Tahyna Tozzi, Jessica McNamee, Alyssa McClelland, Gracie Otto, Rodger Corser, Wes Carr, James Mathison, Stephen Mahy, Rebecca Breeds, Penne Dennison, Sophie Katinis, Jessica Tovey, Hugh Sheridan, Lara Bingle, Luke Ford, Collette Dinnigan, Gyton Grantley, Bianca Spender, Pip Edwards.

Georgia Macmillan XXX XXX XXX or Mark Patrick XXX XXX XXX

I nearly fell off my chair and I wrote back saying I would love to come the whole time thinking, they will come back to me and say I’m so sorry but we made a mistake, we didn’t mean to invite you, I’m used to that, I don’t get invited to stacks of stuff, that’s just the way of the media world here and I get it!

So I booked a photographer and confirmed that I would be attending with my photographer and the response back from MP Agency was:

Hi Sam great to hear!
Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add you both to the photo call list.

I wrote back and said we were both so very excited and couldn’t wait, I wanted to know what time media usually get there to set up ’cause the biggest celebrity photocall I’ve been to is Jennifer Hawkins and Jake & Anne are a little bit bigger than that, MP Agency wrote back with:

Best to generally arrive at 8.30pm for the photo call. I’m hoping there won’t be too much of a scrum, we’re trying to limit it where possible!

So off me and my photographer toddled, we got there early, met with Mark Patrick himself although he did make sure I knew I wasn’t going into the party … ummm yes Mark I’m wearing thongs & pants, so yes I’m well aware of that, I really didn’t have a problem with not going, I’m just interested in getting the photos and my story … we had a squizz at the photowall that was in a dreadful position with light shining behind us which created shadows onto the photowall, not a good start …

Georgia my contact who invited me came over and was shocked to see us there and made a comment how both of us couldn’t really be there and that I would have to wait outside on the street, I said that I wanted to stand next to the carpet out of the way to find out what everyone was wearing ’cause that was what my blog site was about, nope couldn’t do that.

Anyway, we were there for about 1/2 hr and Georgia came over and told us we both had to leave … I was gobsmacked and asked her if she was kidding … nope we had to leave, only accredited media could be here and I said, “but you invited us down here” and she said “I know but I didn’t know and Jake & Anne’s people don’t want you here.”

So we had to leave and do a walk of ‘shame’ like we’d gate-crashed their party!

I have pretty good traffic and these are the stories that you my readers love, but I totally get the pecking order and that’s fine, I can work with that but please don’t waste my time and treat me that way.

Clearly someone was on those ‘other drugs’ …

Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

Note: You know I NEVER write these types of posts, NEVER, I’m always about sunshine and lollipops but I have to find a funny side to this story, ’cause not only was it the biggest waste of time and money for the photographer and me, but it was incredibly unprofessional and I decided to share one story of many although this is the worst I’ve experienced and no I’m not being a bitchy blogger, it’s just not okay to be treated like that no matter who you are.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Thank you Gillian, it has been amazing the support I’ve had over this, Girl With a Satchel picked it up (here:, so did Crikey and the Sunday Telegraph also wrote about it last weekend (12th December) … it was a horrible experience but I’ve received so much amazing support for which I’m grateful.

  2. Gillian says:

    Awwww … so sorry you had to go through that Sam! I’ve worked in PR and I would never treat anyone like that.

    Beside the fact, it’s just bad manners, on a professional level, the little fishes grow up to be very big fishes very quickly and the tables can turn very easily in a PR/journo relationship.

    Obviously some mistake had been made but the PR should have accepted the responsibility rather than pass the blame onto Jake’s and Anne’s people who had probably no idea you were even there. Tsk … tsk …

  3. cclarebear says:

    that’s horrible! and really unprofessional of them. shame shame shame.

  4. Mrs Woog says:

    Something is not right here. The whole story does not add up. Sorry you went out of your way, but unprofessional behaviour sucks hey! x

  5. Salli says:

    Shocked, shocked, shocked!

    Really unprofessional of them and should probably do their own research before just trying to get numbers! 🙂

  6. Therese Kerr says:

    That was extremely rude and should not have happened Sam and I am sorry you had to go through that. Out of everything bad comes something good though and that good is knowing how much support you have. Lots of love to you and yours. Love Therese xx

  7. Stella says:

    That’s horrible !
    Seems very unprofessional on their behalf too.

  8. Lee says:

    That sucks and you should not have been treated like that 🙁

  9. Sassi Sam says:

    Thank you, gratefully received. I’ve received so much support, it’s lovely to hear although not a post that I like to post.

  10. Sassi Sam says:

    But I was accredited because the agency were the ones who accredited the media for the event …

  11. Marion says:

    Shame on them!
    Surely the media agency would have been given a brief saying only accredited media… but to make you come, waste your time there and then send you home is just ridiculous! They should have taken responsibility for it…
    Not cool!

  12. OMG.. that is soo wrong, rude and unprofessional! Hugs Sam xx

  13. Sasha says:

    Ahh, that is awful and so unprofessional of them. I’m sorry that had to happen to you!

  14. Sassi Sam says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments, it’s greatly appreciated … I’m still shocked to be honest but I guess I need to toughen up.

  15. mayfrayn says:

    This is so upsetting!!! They treated you in a horrible way, very bad people….

  16. Talitha says:

    Surely they would not have noticed one more person and anyways, you were invited! This disgusts me. A lot. Chin up! You’re a star x

  17. Bronny says:

    PS. I hear Anne Hathaway is LOVELY and I am sure she would be MORTIFIED to know people were treated that way. Shame Australian PR Agencies SHAME!!

  18. Bronny says:

    OH MY! That is SOOOO naughty of them!!! So So So Naughty!!!!! You poor love xoxoxo

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