Review: Living Da Vida Loca, Belinda Jones

| 6 December , 2010 | Reply

Kristy McCormick

I haven\’t read anything from Belinda Jones before, which surprises me because Living la Vida Loca is her eighth novel. And, I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Apparently Belinda takes inspiration from her years of travel as a magazine journalist and travel editor for her novels – and it shows. Because aside from the story, the book is so full of terrific descriptions of the exotic locations the characters visit, you feel as though you\’ve been there too!

Living la Vida Loca is the story of best friends Carmen and Beth. Beth is a dancer, one for whom the ‘big break\’ she has been waiting for always seems tantalisingly out of reach. Carmen is a costume designer – working on big productions she enjoys her work, but after a nasty break-up with her long time boyfriend needs to get away. And when Beth stumbles across what she thinks is the perfect solution for them both to start over, Carmen can\’t resist.

That solution happens to be a reality TV show – where the successful candidate will travel the world, learning the world\’s most famous dances. So, for Carmen and Beth, it\’s off to tango in Argentina, to learn the flamenco in Spain and dance the salsa in Cuba. But of course nothing is really that simple, and as the girls get ready to hit the road they begin to wonder if they may just have bitten off more than they can chew.

What follows is an hilarious, and touching, romp through three countries as both Carmen and Beth encounter uptight TV execs, formidable exes and enough gauchos, matadors and dirty dancers to keep them both happy! And with padded bottoms, a professional dancer pretending she doesn\’t know how to dance and a twist that was always going to come out there\’s plenty to keep us readers happy too!

This is a light, easy read which I really did enjoy – the perfect holiday reading, it\’s short enough that it\’s easy to slip into your hand luggage and not too heavy to hold up as you lay back on that sun lounger! Recommended for all lovers of short, sharp and sassy chick lit.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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