Marisa Miller goes nude for Marc Jacobs’ Fight Skin Cancer Campaign

| 11 December , 2010 | Reply

Marisa Miller shows strips down for Marc Jacobs‘ new campaign to fight against skin cancer.  This sizzling hot image of Marisa will be printed on yellow tees available at the Marc Jacobs boutiques with all proceeds from the sale of the shirts going to NYU Cancer Institute at NYU Langone Medical Centre.

Following on the heels of Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Helena Christensen, Marisa shared: “I thought wearing my chucks was better than heels, right?” she explained of her shoe choice. To pair and show off that Miller flair, she added a vintage deck from Santa Cruz Skate Boards, redesigned with the NYU logo.

It’s a great cause but we know who will be buying these tees …. Marisa has a huge male fanbase, huge!!! … and they are only buying them ’cause Marisa is naked, is that really an effective way to run a campaign? Awareness about protecting your skin is far more important than donations to the charity, I think, don’t get me wrong donations are good but awareness and changed behaviour should be the priority.

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