Spending Christmas with Lindt Chocolate

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Christmas with Lindt is chocolate heaven and just a given and Lindt have kindly shared with me a couple of their Christmas recipes as well as some yummy last minute Christmas gift options.

My favourite gift is the Lindt Christmas Delice (macaron) (they are sooooo delicious, thank you Lindt) from the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, the green & red macaron is filled with Christmas spices and a Lindt white chocolate filling.  And did you know that the Lindt Chocolate Cafes (Martin Place Sydney opened in 2004) produces more than 20,000 Delice Macarons every week for their six stores in Sydney and Melbourne?

Lindt Brunsli, Traditional Swiss Christmas Cookie
Recipe created by THOMAS SCHNETZLER

Makes around 20 cookies, Preparation time 15 minutes plus setting time. Start day before you want to serve

‘In Switzerland, baking is an essential part of the festive season with the aroma of cookies, spices and gingerbread wafting through the house and neighbourhood.  This easy, but oh so rewarding cookie recipe, is one of those true classics that is a part of every Swiss family Christmas. Brunsli are rich cookies with a thin crust encasing a dense rich centre not dissimilar to the famed macaron, and classically spiced with a gingerbread spice mix. This recipe is a blend of 7 spices, including cinnamon, ginger and fennel. Spices have been an important part of European baking for centuries. Even though Brunsli are a traditional Christmas confection, this recipe can be made without the spices for a delicious afternoon treat all year around.


  • 120 g castor sugar
  • 200 g almond meal, fine and sifted
  • Pinch salt
  • Pinch gingerbread spice (recipe below, or buy from good delis)
  • 24 g cocoa powder
  • 24 g flour
  • 56 g egg white (from about 2 eggs)
  • 80 g Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa, melted
  • 15 ml Kirsch


In a food processor combine all dry ingredients and blitz until fine and combined. Sift dry mix into the bowl of your electric mixer with a paddle attachment.

In the meantime gently melt the chocolate on a bain marie (Visit www.lindt.com.au to view “How to melt Lindt Chococolate” video).

Slightly whip the egg whites and mix into dry ingredients at low speed. Once incorporated, add the melted chocolate and Kirsch and mix until all combined.

Remove the dough from the bowl, roll up and flatten slightly, wrap in cling-film and rest overnight.

Preheat oven to 220ºC.

Roll out dough to 10 mm thickness. Traditional Brunsli are then sprinkled with a little sugar and marked with parallel lines using a palette knife. Cut out cookies and place on a tray lined with baking paper. Allow to sit for 1 hour to allow them to dry slightly.

Then bake Brunsli on high heat for just a couple of minutes.

Maitre\’s Tip: This cookie also tastes amazing if broken up and mixed through good quality vanilla ice cream. For an extra chocolate fix, drizzle cooled Brunsli with melted chocolate.

Gingerbread Spice Mix
THOMAS SCHNETZLER, Lindt Master Chocolatie

This recipe makes quite a large quantity of spice mix, so use smaller quantities or store some in a small airtight container as it will keep well until next year.

  • 50 g ground cinnamon
  • 35 g cloves
  • 25 g nutmeg, grated
  • 35 g ground ginger
  • 60 g fennel seeds
  • 60 g coriander seeds
  • 60 g star anis


  • Combine all ingredients in a spice grinder and pulse until fine.
  • Store in an airtight container.

Lindt Christmas Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Serves 12- 15

Preparation Time 30 minutes plus setting time

‘Something a little different to the standard fruit cake and a delicious alternative dessert for a hot climate Christmas. This is a grown up version of an ice cream sandwich perfectly suited to round off a relaxing meal on a nice summer, al fresco evening. If you are not lucky enough to have a Lindt Chocolat Café nearby to get your ice cream, the best quality store bought vanilla bean ice cream is a good substitute. For the kids, replace the brandy with some tea.\’

Sponge Biscuit

  • 250 g eggs
  • 150 g castor sugar
  • 90 g plain flour
  • 10 g good quality cocoa powder
  • Pinch sea salt
  • 50 g butter, unsalted melted and cooled

Fruit Ice Cream

  • 150 g raisins
  • 120 g dried apricots, chopped
  • 100 g pitted prunes finely chopped
  • 100 g glace cherries chopped
  • 50 g pistachios, chopped
  • 30 g glace ginger, finely chopped
  • 100 ml best quality brandy or cognac
  • 3 lt Lindt Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


  • 200 g Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa
  • 20 g Coconut fat -from the health food shop


Preheat the oven to 210ºC.

Grease two 15 x 30 cm rectangular cake tins and line with baking paper.

For the sponge biscuit, combine the eggs and the castor sugar in the bowl of your electric mixer.

Gently warm the mixture over a pot of barely simmer water until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture feels slightly warm. Be careful not to cook the egg.

Place bowl on the machine and, on high speed, mix until light and fluffy. This will take about five minutes.

Sift together flour, cocoa powder and salt. Set aside.

Take light egg mixture off the machine and gently fold in the dry ingredients.

Mix a couple of spoons of the batter with the melted butter and fold back into the remaining mixture.

Pour batter into the lined cake tins and smooth with palate knife.

Bake for 10 minutes or until just firm.

Remove from the oven and remove sponge from the tin to cool.

Building the ice cream sandwich

Take ice cream out of the freezer and allow to soften slightly.

Line a deep baking tray 15x30cm with baking paper and place one sheet of sponge on the base, removing the paper from the sponge.

Evenly spread out the fruit mixture over the sponge base.

Top with softened ice cream. It may be easier to place the ice cream in a mixing bowl of the electric mixer and soften it by mixing it briefly.

Top with the second sheet of sponge and return back to the freezer.

Once ice cream is firm again, cut into portions with a hot knife.

Combine ingredients for the glaze in a bowl and gently melt over a double boiler.

Dip one of the corners into the glaze, perhaps dribble some glaze over the rest of the slice, then return to freezer until required.

Maitre Tip: I always like to serve something crunchy to bring in a different texture. Lindt Brunsli biscuits would be the perfect fit.

So there you have it, Christmas with Lindt Chocolate, you can purchase Lindt Chocolate nationally at your local supermarket or variety store and of course if you are lucky enough to have a Lindt Chocolate Cafe near you, you can spend the day in there, I’d probably set up camp inside if there was one near me.

And if you haven’t visited the Lindt Chocolate website you have no idea what you are missing out on, so go there now after you’ve printed off these recipes: www.lindt.com.au.

Courtesy of Lindt

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