Nicole Kidman: Australian Women’s Weekly February 2011

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Perfect timing for Australian Women’s Weekly to feature Nicole Kidman on the front cover of their February 2011 issue, glowing with happiness and her beautiful red hair falling proudly around her shoulders, although missing the scoop of Nicole and Keith’s exciting but surprising news of a baby girl born by a surrogate December last year to come out the same day as it hit it the newsstands?

But the runner-up prize was an exclusive email sent to Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe posted on their website from Nicole sharing the following:

“We have been having a wonderful bonding experience with Faith Margaret. And it is really wonderful to know that our delight is being shared by you and your readers. We feel truly blessed,” shared Kidman.

In her only interview with an Aussie mag before the release here of her Oscar-hyped new film, Rabbit Hole, Nicole Kidman talks about her eldest children Isabella and Connor, the pain of her divorce from Tom Cruise and the simpler, happier life she has forged with Keith Urban.

I just want to side-line into a bit of a mini love fest on the Editor in Chief, Helen McCabe … Helen is someone I’ve met on numerous occasions and she’s someone I admire and aspire to be like and more-so every time I’m lucky enough to get to spend time in her company. Another person that I love and admire very much, my dear friend Erica Bartle from Girl with a Satchel, revealed this snippet yesterday of Helen’s missive recounting the time she missed getting the “Scoop of a Lifetime” with Nicole Kidman and her split from Tom Cruise:

After tracking down Kidman at a hotel in Cannes in the hope of getting “the exclusive ‘tell-all’ story”, McCabe found herself in an awkward situation in a dimly lit bar occupied only by Nicole, her sister Antonia and then-husband Angus Hawley, Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng.

“The problem was that Rupert was also my boss. So, I was metres away from the biggest scoop of my life, but I had no idea how to get it when my boss was in the way. As I tried to process my next move, we quickly ordered a drink and escaped through French doors onto the terrace.

Years later, one of my editors said I should have written a note to Rupert on my business card and asked the waiter to deliver it. Apparently, he is still such a journo at heart that he would have been thrilled to know one of his reporters had tracked them down. But I am just not that courageous and, instead of asking for the interview, I sipped a drink on the terrace and watched Nicole walk out of the bar and into the night.”

It endears me to Helen even more, she’s a professional journalist through and through and although she wanted to get a ‘scoop of a lifetime’ and she refers to it as not being courageous but I see it as respect for not invading a celebrity’s personal space and right to privacy during a difficult and heart breaking time when she was clearly in a private moment with friends.  Rupert himself could have gotten the scoop when you think about it! You know I bang on about celebrities having some right to privacy and I won’t get on my soap box again but I am such an advocate for that right to privacy, we ourselves as everyday people demand it!

But back to the enigma and polarised Nicole Kidman, I am looking forward to reading this issue, since taking the reigns of AWW Helen has bought solid stories to the Monthly mag and focused on women wanting good news stories and respecting the need for intelligent reporting and bypassing the saturation of silly celebrity commentary that we can’t seem to get enough of and it’s heartwarming to see, I hope we continue to see this type of journalism because I miss it and I know I’ll never be half as good but I’m okay with that, I know what I’m good at 🙂

And for more details on Erica’s thoughts on the Nicole Kidman interview, zip over to her blog right now to have a read and see if you too will pick up a copy this month.

The February issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly is on newsstands now.

Courtesy of AWW

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Wow Helen, thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment, it means a lot to me when respected journalists support me and my little spot in the glossy world.

  2. Helen McCabe says:

    Dear Sam
    Thanks for the support. And keep up the good work on the blog. I know how incredibly hard you work at making this a great read. In many ways AWW is a lot easier than starting from scratch.
    So here’s to a big year of great stories, great covers and hopefully a lot of fun along the way.
    All the best

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