Review: Find Your Tribe (and 9 other things I wish I\’d known in High School), Rebecca Sparrow

| 12 February , 2011 | Reply

Tina Gamble

Rebecca Sparrow, author behind the highly popular, The Girl Most Likely, is back with her new release, Find Your Tribe.

In this compact little book, Sparrow outlines a 10-step guide to getting you through your teenage years. And enjoying it! She also cautions you about some of the pitfalls. And in turn, offers ways to avoid these pitfalls and to make the most out of every experience.

The advice given in this book is taken from a variety of sources (as well as Sparrow\’s own experiences).  And a lot of them use the phrase& ‘I wish I\’d known&\’ To me, this means that once upon a time, they were all faced with similar dilemmas, commonly found in the teenage years, and they survived it (however differently). And they\’re here to let your know you\’re not alone&

They weren\’t always the people they are today. Nor are they currently all the people they thought they\’d be then.

And some of the things that seemed to matter the most; fights with friends, being cool, crushes, getting a date to the school dance, and the list goes on& in the long run, these things, well, they don\’t really matter, so don\’t get too caught up in them.

The world doesn\’t end. And high school is only a small portion of your life. Once you leave, you step through a gate to a whole new world, brimming with possibility&

So, let\’s get right down to it. This book isn\’t going to change your world. You aren\’t going to read it and come out renewed: a totally new person. No book can really do that. But what Sparrow\’s book does do is so much more. It gives you something to think about, and that\’s the point isn\’t it? A seed planted for later growth.

Find Your Tribe is a fun, and easy to read book about surviving your teens and making the most out of your high school years. The advice is relevant, current and good for both teens and parents.

Available Now: Penguin Books RRP $14.95


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